Saturday, November 1, 2008

Palin is a Snake Allusion in CBS Headline?

I'm not a Palin fan, and that's no secret, but I am a writer so when I read this headline on a CBS News blog, "Palin To Snake Her Way Across Pennsylvania On Bus Tour," by Scott Conroy, I wondered is he subconsciously calling Palin a snake or did he write that fully aware of his allusion?

If he knows he did it, then he should just say he thinks she's a snake clearly because that headline definitely indicates a bias. He can get away with it though if he considers his blog at CBS to be an opinion vehicle. I'm not a regular reader of his blog posts, so it's possible he's normally very unbiased and may even support McCain/Palin. I just noticed the headline's imagery.

If you've been busy, you may have missed that Sarah Palin is claiming that her free speech is endangered by journalists who criticize her negative attacks on Obama. She thinks there's nothing negative about her suggesting Obama's a terrorist, and the media's picking on her. Wonder what she'd say about the snake headline.

Finally, no matter my opinion of Palin, I think it's reprehensible that anyone hangs her in effigy. You can read more about that here.

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Qohelet said...

The title is APT because a snake is "a worthless or treacherous fellow" (

For example (and there are many*) when Palin said Obama would "experiment with socialism" - she was both inaccurate (
statements/826/)and treacherous as in:

1: characterized by or manifesting treachery; perfidious
2 a: likely to betray trust; unreliable a treacherous memory
b: providing insecure footing or support treacherous quicksand
c: marked by hidden dangers, hazards, or perils (

Palin manipulates people who are too ignorant and/or prejudiced and/or incompetent to figure out that she is lying. Her baseless lies incite undue fear, hate and unrest in her own base - it is an insidious betrayal of trust. Not only is she hoodwinking the people she is supposed to be leading, the unrest she stirs up in them imperils the nation (and the entire world).


* see my blog at FMI. THANKS!