Thursday, November 6, 2008

Palin Thrown on the Figurative Funeral Pyre

palin bootsLiberals dance as Palin's plane lands in Alaska and hope she stays there with her guns and moose burgers, but their disdain's expected. What's up with some Republicans and Palin?

Multiple observers see the recent round of conservatives bashing Palin as "throwing Palin under the bus," but for me, Palin terror tales coming post-campaign from the right conjure visions of women tossed on funeral pyres with their mates, a horrifying tradition in some cultures. It seems that McCain's campaign crashed and burned, and so, some McCain supporters want Palin in flames as well.

Pro-Obama Huffington Post bloggers gleefully report, I suspect, that the Republican Party is drowning in a blood bath, a power struggle spurred by the McCain loss, erratic campaign strategy, and unfortunate promotion of "the barracuda." In particular, HP writers point to Newsweek Magazine's Special Election Project that supposedly dishes all the dirt reporters couldn't squirt during election season because the information accumulated off the record. The special election edition is due today on newsstands.

While the report gives insight into the Obama campaign behind the scenes, revealing threats on Obama's life and his private critiques of his debate performance, it's the Palin potluck of shame that has some people salivating. Even conservative Fox News has indulged in morsels from Palin's Dumb Buffet Express.

Here's video of Fox News Chief and political correspondent Carl Cameron telling viewers and pundit Bill O'Reilly that McCain aides say Palin did not know basic facts such as Africa is a continent and not a country. He further talks about Palin tantrums, blaming staff for her failures, and the governor's spending sprees. O'Reilly tries to sound sympathetic in that sort of good cop/bad cop way, but it appears that some conservatives want to bury Palin and never see her rise to the presidential challenge in 2012. However, O'Reilly and Cameron dismiss a few of the accusations against Palin as backbiting.

HuffPo reports some of the stories Cameron mentions as coming from Newsweek, such as the story of Palin showing up in a towel to greet McCain staff (now that's folksy for ya), and in the same post, a report that Palin spent more than the initial figure of $150,000 on clothes, that she abused RNC donor gifts and credit cards. More intriguing is the report that McCain was kept in the dark about Palin's behavior, and especially interesting to me are assertions that McCain's people wanted to hold off on the Obama/Bill Ayers attack, but Palin ignored that advice and jumped the gun.

That's not what a Republican insider said on CNN while discussing Palin going rogue before the campaign's end. He said she objected to attempting to connect Ayers to Obama, and suggested she has good strategy instincts at times. Dissembling is a bitch, and confusion is one result from myth building. After a while, what's true and not true is indistinguishable. The blame is on!

Palin's ignorance as discussed on Fox News, not my favorite source of information, is in direct conflict with feminist Elaine Lafferty's declaration via The Daily Beast that "Palin is a brainiac." However, intellectual or dufus, Palin should not take the fall for McCain losing the election. The maverick chose the pitbull in lipstick, and his fellow Republicans nominated her for vice president, but the old man and his staff couldn't hold the leash so well as the campaign zigzagged without a firm message. McCain accepted his failure during his concession speech, but all Republicans who cheered Palin on, and Bush on also, deserve credit for this temporary collapse of the Grand Old Party, if it is in fact collapsing.

I didn't intend to do it, but I've built a library of posts on Palin the presidential wannabe, very little in defense of her, however, and so, I won't weep if the Republicans keep her permanently on ice in Alaska and stay deaf to folks chanting Palin 2012.
Sarah Palin is scary
. I'm happy to see anyone virtually shut her down.


Suzanne said...

My husband thinks that her political career is over in Alaska because she became the type of super star that is disdained over there. I don't think she'll be happy to stay over there whether she has a career or not. Now that she's seen how easy it is to buy Gucci outside of Anchorage, how are they going to keep her at the farm?

Vérité Parlant said...

Hilarious, Suzanne! "down on the farm"

Patrick Roberts said...

If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her... but that may not work in her favor