Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Sasha. CNN Files the Dress Named for Sasha Obama Under First Kids Fashion

We all know, as CNN reported earlier, that Presdient-elect Barack Obama's and Mom-in-Chief Michelle's daughters, Sasha and Malia, have landed in a fishbowl with their father's winning office. And now the dress 7-year-old Sasha wore election night in Grant Park has been named after her, the Sasha.

I knew something was up with Sasha Obama's dress and Malia's also because I've been getting hits at this blog from people looking for more information on the dresses ever since Obama won. I'm no fashionista, so I didn't follow up that interest, but it's a popular topic.

Brenda Edwards designed the dress, according to CNN video, watched Obama's acceptance speech, saw Sasha, but didn't realize until a friend showed her a photo the morning after election night that Sasha was wearing the dress she'd designed. Gerson & Gerson is busy making the dress in more colors, not just black, pink, ivory, print, etc., for next season, reports Jeanne Moos.

The CNN report says it's believed the Obamas bought the dress at Nordstrom or Dillard's for $75. And Malia's designer dress from Biscotti cost about $110. I've already written about the Obama's dressing on a budget and posted the Leno interview in which Mrs. Obama said she shops at J. Crew, even mentioned Mrs. Obama's election night dress. Furthermore, I recently posted "Obama Family Obsession, The Huxtable Effect, and the Black Image on the Screen."

Here's video from CNN about The Sasha and the designer. In it you'll see dress designer Brenda Edwards and clips of the Sasha dress going into production, etc.

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Greetings! I found your blog when I was looking for a picture of the First Family to put on my blog. Somehow, I got your pic of Sasha in her dress! I have just become a Follower and, when I get some time, I will return to read some of your older posts. I just saw your latest post - you are going on a blog-vacation, so hopefully you will see this comment when you return! Take care.
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