Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Small Talk on the Trail With Obama, Staff, Bits on Daughters' Futures

The campaign's winding down, but that doesn't mean work stops. I just read an engaging piece, "CNN staff so close, yet so far from Obama," that discusses how difficult it is for even journalists traveling with Barack Obama to access the candidate. He's guarded by "the best-dressed bouncers in Chicago" aka the Secret Service, the journalists say.

However, as Obama walked the halls during a transition from indoors to outdoors and chatted with hotel staff, the CNN journalists gained intelligence about his daughters' futures, sort of, nothing in stone yet.
We briefly heard Obama make small talk with hotel staff as he breezed by out of sight in the early afternoon. Thanks to that, we got a briefing from Communications Director Robert Gibbs on how the Obamas are still undecided on which dog the kids get or whether the kids will stay the school year in Chicago (Gibbs is careful to acknowledge that no one is assuming a result yet, least of all him.) (CNN, Nov. 4)
The story goes on to share personal details about Obama's senior staff, who can't jump in basketball, who's expecting a baby, and how the group operates:
When we're not just chatting, the senior staff is basically spending the day spinning the unspinnable by arguing that imprecise signals are good signs, or they're simply encouraging folks to vote. They soldier on, appearance after appearance, repeating phrases that must sound silly after a while. They show no sign of breaking form. And none of them betrays any sign of how the results are going, if they know(CNN)
I quoted the bit about the Obama children because a lot of web surfers are curious about Malia and Sasha, who accompanied their parents today to the polls. This blog is still getting hits about what the young ones did for Halloween. I imagine the Obama's are not so comfortable with the attention, but know it's part of being in the public's eye.

I like the informal style of CNN's traveling with Barack story by producers Fuzz Hogan and Stephanie Kotuby. Having been part of spin machine before, I can tell you that sometimes it's a lot of fun. Sometimes it's stressful. You may read the story at CNN's Political Ticker.

And now I'm on my way to sit with my mom overnight at the hospital again, which is from where I'll await election results, read BlogHer, evaluate HuffPo news, and watch the organized chaos.

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