Monday, December 29, 2008

The Case of the Missing CDs, Benjamin Button or Is it Benjamin Bunny?

Today is my 29th day of NaBloPoMo; that's 29 down and two to go for December. This was my first month participating in the blogger event of "31 post in 31 days." Perhaps it's the time of year for lower site hits, but I didn't see the kind of blog traffic I expected from posting each day for 31 days and being connected to the NaBloPoMo promotion. I mean, I've gotten traffic, but not from that site. Nevertheless, it was still a good exercise in self-discipline, and I did connect with some talented bloggers.

It's been a lazy Monday. If I hadn't had a dental appointment, I wouldn't have even left the house. And you should have seen me on my way to the dental appointment. I was intent on chilling but ended up fuming for the 15-minute ride.

My Tina Turner CD was playing on the car stereo, and I decided to listen to the Beatles' "Love" instead, but when I reached for a bag of CDs I'd stuck in my car Friday (about $170 in value), it wasn't there. My memory's not the best, but I knew I had a bag of CDs at the top of my car storage unit in an easy to access spot.

Immediately I suspected one of my children must have removed the CDs from the car and for a reason I could not fathom. Then I went even more paranoid and wondered if I'd forgotten to lock the car doors when my daughter and I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Saturday night. Perhaps someone had tried the doors and stolen my CDs!

Oh, the mental crisis! The bag included three Eryka Badu CDs, the Beatles, Duffy, Santana, Dianna Krall, and Joni Mitchell music (you can see why I went a little bonkers). Thinking on it more, I chucked suspicions of theft aside because no crook would bother to take the bag and leave the other CDs below the bag, which were in a leather case, if he/she'd managed to get into the car.

No, a scatter-brained child of mine, most likely my son, had to be the CD-moving culprit.

I wouldn't have been so upset if I had not been looking forward to listening to the Beatles. Also, I have to beg my son to clean out my car; so, if he'd taken the only thing important in the car while leaving the rest of it a mess ... well, it just seemed unfair to my moment of solitude.

Dreading dental appointments as I do, I realized everyone would be better off if I calmed down. No need being all wound up before I sat in a chair to let people poke my gums with sharp metal objects. So, I convinced myself that the CDs had not been stolen and the only logical explanation for their absence was goof-off son on the loose. The day went up from there. The dental visit was okay, and the bill within reason.

I returned home and found the CDs sitting on a chair in the living room. Later my son came in and didn't see why my missing $170 of CDs should have distressed me at all. Wait until that boy gets out and gets a job and has bills of his own. He's in for some lessons in the school of hard knocks.

I'll get back to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button later. For now I'll say that it's a wonderful movie. My children, however, have been laughing at me because I keep misspeaking and calling it Benjamin Bunny. If you're a parent who reads to children or used to read to children and are now middle-aged like me, then you know how I could misspeak that way.

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Blue State Cowgirl said...

Glad you found your CDs. CDs are not just "stuff". $170 dollars of CDs is like $1000 worth of other stuff.

Where I really saw readership through NaBloPoMo was when one member set up a feedreader of all the participants entries and I got on it. Don't know if he'll do it again next month, but it made a big difference. Also it was worth it to get in the discipline of posting every day, even though I missed a few days in December.