Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dinner: My Aunt's Going to the Inauguration and the Ball

Had a delicious Christmas dinner at my aunt's house in the Carrolton/Holly Grove area of New Orleans, at which I learned not only did my 78-year-old aunt score a ticket to President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration, something I learned at Thanksgiving, but she's also going to the Inaugural Ball. She'll attend with friends who got the tickets through a California Senator.

Unfortunately, she refuses to take any pictures while she's in Washington, D.C. She said she never thought she'd see a black man elected President of the United States in her lifetime, and wants to live in that moment, not flustered by having to figure out a camera. This is a woman who went to segregated schools, and recalls separate but equal, having to read the "raggedy" books discarded from white schools.

It makes sense that she doesn't want to lose focus in the moment at the inauguration. I asked her to please get her friend's daughter to take pictures.

After dinner, we played Spades. My older cousin and I taught my son and daughter to play with help from our younger cousin from Memphis. That was fun, but at 5:45, in the middle of the game, my dad, 88, announced we had to leave because he didn't want to drive a night in the mist. He lives with me.

I reminded him that it was my car and I see fine at night and would drive carefully, but he wouldn't hear of it. So, we went home a little after six. My offspring complained from the back seat that they weren't ready to leave.

When we saw a horrible accident on I-10, both cars badly smashed and taffic near stand still, my dad seemed to think the accident justified his pushing us to leave early. In fact, he implied we should have left even earlier and said people who don't have to leave home on holidays don't. I disagreed, pointing out that families in the same area often celebrate at one house and so eventually someone has to drive home.

Furthermore, I suggested that no one would ever go anywhere if we followed his fear prescription for the road: "Don't go out at night. Don't drive when it's misty. Never go out in the rain." He wants us to live like we're 88 years old with him.

Overall, it was a pleasant day, despite my dad's grumbling, which we all expect regardless of a day's wonder.

Merry Christmas!

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Sheri said...

Wow, that is really cool that your aunt is going to the inaguration and ball! Hopefully you can get some pictures from the other person. :)