Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Disney Park in Honor of the Romantic Poet?

Disney named one park for me, and another for my friend.

I wish I knew the technology used for this great video and how Disney gets these honorary parks done so quickly. That's why I asked Disney to also name a park after my friend, poet William DeVault, so readers can hear the Goofy touch at the end. It didn't work when they did the park in my honor because Goofy can't say my first name. Ask Disney to name a park after you too! Click here. Thank you, IntegratedMother (Michele Dortch), for letting me know of Disney's generosity.

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Michele@Integrated Mother said...

I wondered how Disney's technology would manage a less commonplace name. Glad you had fun with it. My kids actually think it's real and keep asking me when we can go through "Michele's Entrance." :)