Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Orleans Rebirth Brass Band: Do Watcha Wanna

I don't what it is, but whether I'm home in New Orleans or far away, if I hear the New Orleans Rebirth Brass Band I feel like I'm home. Here's a video clip of the band playing "Do Whatcha You Wanna," impromptu parade of people following. The Youtube description says this was in April of this year.

Maybe it's the song itself that gets me. "Do what you wanna" could be the city's motto. Here's a clip of Southern's Band doing the same song, and another of students from St. Augustine. But nothing beats that Rebirth Brass Band party in the street complete with second line.

Day 10 NaBloPoMo.


Blue State Cowgirl said...

Gotta love a city where people dance in the streets with parasols!

Mathew Bodie said...

Yeah ya right! No one does it like Rebirth!!