Thursday, December 18, 2008

'O' Holy Night' Featuring Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews from NBC's Studio 60

Some music lovers and New Orleans supporters may recall that during Christmas 2006, NBC's Studio 60 aired a scene featuring "O'Holy Night" played by Troy Andrews (aka Trombone Shorty) and other New Orleans musicians. It was a touching moment, and people clamored after the video and the music download after the airing.

From an older post at my defunct Jersey Goddess blog on this topic in 2006:
According to Studio 60's website, they had musicians from New Orleans on tonight to benefit New Orleans' Tipitina's Foundation. The organization seeks to preserve New Orleans' music culture by returning its many musicians home who were displaced by the Hurricane Katrina flood. (written Dec. 4 2006)
You may watch YouTube video of that moment here, and it's good the video's available because NBC cancelled Studio 60 a while back. Too bad because it was a good show.

And I've been getting traffic at this blog from one of my old sites from people looking for the mp3, and so, I dug it out of archive. Here it is. Download the song here (Right click and save as for PC, Control and click on a Mac if you don't have your browser set to download).

Please donate to the Tipitina's Foundation also to help preserve Louisiana music and culture.

And if you really enjoy New Orleans Jazz, consider visiting our city this spring for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. In addition, you may hear New Orleans musicians, including Troy Andrews and George Wein, Jazz Fest's founder, on keyboards performing "Struttin' With Some Barbecue" at my JazzFest announcement post.

Happy Holidays!


Blue State Cowgirl said...

Loved Studio 60 and remember this episode well. It was one of the best. Thanks for the memory.

Just funny note, the word verification word for my comment was BOTEMP. . .almost bon temps!

poppa_D said...

Thank you for making this download available again. One of the most beautiful arrangements of this song ever put to music. The TV show was excellent also. Not enough of these type of well written and thoughtful show left any longer.

Chris said...

Thank you so much for posting this mp3, been wanting it for a long time and finally found it here. And I agree, the canceling of this show was an absolute shame.

God bless you, have a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm not able to download a MP3. It opens up in a web browser.

One suggestion may be to make it available for download and the proceeds go to charity.

Lindy said...

I have a Mac and I also open in a browser - any suggestions on how to down load it?

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Hi, Lindy. I haven't used a Mac in years. All I know is with a PC, you right click and select "save target as" if you don't want to download and not go to a browser window. I recommend checking a help forum to find the equivalent commands for an Apple computer. According to Yahoo Answers, it's the same as control click on a Mac.

To Anonymous, please donate to Tipitina's, the charity already listed and linked to in this post. That's why the mp3 was originally made available years ago, to spark donations to Tipitina's.

Thank you.

Michelle said...

I want to thank you SO much for making the mp3 download available again... This arrangement has to be my favorite version of this timeless carol, and its so beautiful. My mom sent me the link for the show when it was still on, but I have never been able to find it until now. It's a good addition to any jazz player's collection. :)

Thanks so much.

kez said...

Thank you for posting this! Years later, my dad is still talking about this song from the show... I'm looking forward burning a copy to slip into his christmas stocking.

For Mac users...
Do not just click on the link, as that will open it in a web browser. Hold "control" while clicking on the link (also known as a right click for mac) and instead of opening the link a window with options will pop up, one of which is download.

quisquam said...

The first time that I was exposed to this track - while I was watching Studio 60 - I don't mind telling you that it moved me to happy tears, if that makes sense.

I honestly believed that getting a copy of this track was one of those things that just wouldn't happen. Thrilled to be wrong.

Yours, grinning & weeping with joy

Anonymous said...

Once again it is Christmas, and time to listen to this version of 'O Holy Night." It is one of the most moving performances I have ever heard, and it is now a fundamental part of my Christmas. Thank you for keeping it available.

deck7 said...

Thank you for keeping this up. Another blogger had a link to this post (maimed n tamed?).
Been searching for non-commercial xmas music!

Mike Gray said...

My wife and I are fans of the show and this is our favourite episode. Thank you so much for making the mp3 available. Who is the trumpeter? I knoe Troy is a trombonist...
Thanks again
Mike Gray UK

Mike Gray said...

Mike Gray again - DUH! Having read the text properly, I realise what a talented multi instrumentalist Toy is!
In thick-headed admiration

Mike Gray said...

DUH! I now realise having read the text, what a great multi-instrumentalist Troy is!
In thick-headed admiration,