Friday, December 19, 2008

Off to a Party So, Later for Ghost Whisperer

I'll be taping CBS's Ghost Whisperer tonight, a show I'm almost ashamed to say I watch. I'm going to a Christmas party. So, sad for two reasons: 1.) My feet ache and I'd rather sit still and soak them in front the TV, and 2.) I don't drink which will make me the oddball at a New Orleans soiree.

Anyway, I did catch the beginning of Ghost Whisperer and it seems tonight's ghost is played by Rena Sofer, an actress I first recall from General Hospital in the 90s, but whom I've also seen on Fox's 24, playing Marilyn Bauer, and then again on NBC's Heroes playing Heidi Petrelli.

So tonight on Ghost Whisperer she's playing the long-suffering wife again in "Ball and Chain," the episode in which a dead wife can't face the truth about her marriage and is running around with a to-do list like pick up hubby's dry cleaning. Is Sofer being typecast?

Ah, but the plot thickens. How did she really die, abusive husband perhaps? I'll have to watch the recording because it's time to put on make-up.

Ooh. Day 19 of NaBloPoMo. I'm still trying to figure out the pay-off for that.

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