Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paula Deen's Deep Fried Bagel Sandwich

I don't think I'll ever eat this, but I watched part of a Paula Deen repeat of her "Deep Fried NY Party" and tuned in to see her deep frying capers and making a bagel smear with a deep friend bagel and cream cheese for her guest. Ouch! I'd be afraid tasting it would send me into cardiac arrest.

There's a recipe for a deep-fried bagel sandwich on her Food Network site. I like Paula, but even she warns that if you are concerned about weight or have problems with your heart, don't eat her food.

Next she'll be frying onions and cooking a N.Y. strip with Donny Deutsch, and later it will be deep friend cannoli with Donald Trump, Jr.. I've got to tune out y'all before I end up at Rouse's buying ingredients for food dishes I shouldn't eat.

I wish they'd repeat Paula's show with Michelle Obama. Perhaps they did and I missed it ... again.

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