Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baracku, the Twitter Poetry Experiment for the Inauguration

Farther down I'm sharing video of Obama's talk with CNN about this historic moment, the first African-American president taking up residence in the White House, which was built by black slaves, and how cool Obama is during the celebration. He's known as No Drama Obama. President-elect Obama says it's an extraordinary personal moment and he doesn't have to go back to slavery to speak of just how remarkable it is. Amen to that.

But first, I'm updating what's happening with Baracku, the Twitter poetry experiment and giving directions. Please keep reading.

If you want to participate in Twitter Baracku, here are steps:
  1. Join Twitter if you haven't done so already.
  2. Follow @Baracku by visiting and selecting or clicking "follow" on Baracku's page.
  3. Go back to your own Twitter page.
  4. Write a positive poetry verse, prayer, or blessing as your update THEN ...
  5. Type the hashtag #baracku at the end of your update.
Remember Twitter only lets you use 140 characters per update.

So far, @baracku on Twitter has followers for this Twitter poetry experiment, and people are sharing their blessings and verses in celebration of the inauguration, but only a few understand how to use hashtags on Twitter. A Twitter hashtag is a key word preceded by the number sign, "#." Twitter hash tags make it easy for people to find tweets or updates on the same topic. (I just grasped hashtags myself two weeks ago.)

For Baracku, the hashtag -- #baracku -- is a way for poets, writers, artists and others to read the positive expressions of people participating in this poetic twitter stream for this historic moment. Just go to Twitter search and put in #baracku.

Enough of that: Here's CNN video of Barack Obama talking on his personal experience of the moment about making history. CNN anchors discussed earlier today how President-elect Barack Obama rarely speaks of himself as the first African-American president. He doesn't stress that. Indeed, he talks to CNN for a while about making history and moves on quickly to solutions for the nation.

I've been following most of the inauguration on CNN, and today I broke down and bought HBO so I could see Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, etc, and tuned in just in time to see some performances followed by Obama's great speech. Another reason for my older children to love Mr. Obama.

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Dusan said...

Great idea to use HashTag to filter a topic.

I've just finished the similar project with slightly different approach

I have just released a Twitter online application for publishing and discussing a short verse poetry online. You may find it at: TwiHaiku - Twitter Poetry Channel

I think this is first serious attempt to make fusion of Twitter format and short verse form in one place.

I invite you an all to join the service and help it take off.


I am from Serbia, and we all hope hear that Obama means new America.