Monday, January 5, 2009

How to Blow Up on Twitter

Kipp Bodnar of Digital Capitalism took the time to interview Wayne Sutton, who has 12,000+ followers on Twitter and asks him how do you get thousands of people to follow you or create a large Twitter community. If it's important to you to get Twitter followers, then perhaps you should watch this video.

The Secret To 12,000+ Followers On Twitter from Kipp Bodnar on Vimeo.

The pair discuss how Wayne's being an early Twitter adopter may have influenced his getting 12,679-and-counting followers. I'm sure that helped. Also discussed is wise advice that never goes out of style: give people information or news they can use. Wayne says for Twitter the information people think is valuable tends to be Twitter tips such as how to blow up on Twitter.

It's cool, I suppose, to blow-up on Twitter or anywhere else on the Web, but all I want to know at the moment is how to get a cooler looking profile on Twitter with additional information links, etc. Problem is economy. There are only so many hours in a day to figure all this stuff out. I'm out of time, and as a writer, I'm not sure Twitter satisfies my need for well-strung words.

Shegeeks has a take on how to blow up on Twitter as well. However, I'm thinking by moving back home and shutting down all my old stuff, I may have missed my chance at the tipping point of Web domination. Even Wayne suggests that it's getting harder to blow up the Web without the help of other media such as being plastered across CNN. And practical woman that I am, I'm only interested in blowing up if a paycheck comes with it.

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