Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marian Robinson, "First Grandma" Says Yes To Washington DC

The Huffington Post reports that Marian Robinson, President-elect Barack Obama's mother-in-law and Malia's and Sasha's maternal grandmother has agreed to move to Washington DC with the first family. I wrote about this probability in the post "First Grandma Goes to Washington," which includes a Boston Globe video feature about Mrs. Robinson in which she says her daughter, Michelle Obama, is a strict mom, and Robinson would like to spoil the girls more with goodies.

According to HuffPo per the Obama transition team, the move may be temporary so Mrs. Robinson can help her daughter, Michelle, and the first daughters adjust to their lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

HuffPo slide show and brief.


Revvy Rev said...

I think that Mrs. Robinson will make a tremendous contribution to the White House and ultimately to the nation by her presence. said...

Hi there,

I just mentioned this situation in a post at my blog.

I know that many black folks may see the situation with the Obamas differently but I am completely against the notion of Michelle uprooting her elderly mother in order to have her help them with child-rearing duties.

I think that there comes a time when black people need to stop working black women like mules to their deaths.

When is it that we will STOP asking our elderly black women to save us, and help us with our adult duties?

Why do they have to spend their elderly years focusing on all others? When do their lives get to be THEIRS and only theirs?

It is NOT the job of grandparents to raise their own children's children.

I think that many black women were willing to be in caretaker roles for EVERYONE in the entire family because that is all that they had ever seen. It was what they felt grandmothers were SUPPOSED to be.

I have MAJOR concerns about black women applauding the fact that there are still countless elderly black women who make the needs of everyone else their primary focus.

This is the mentality of the "grave digger" that I wrote about in my post "The Grave Digger and The Gold Digger".

It was also reported in another article that Michelle's mother said she would do what Michelle asked even if she didn't want to.

This too is the mentality of the grave digger.

I notice there are many ladies who expect their elderly moms to help with child-rearing and this expectation is unfair. A grandmother should not become a surrogate parent to her children's children. Can we stop validating and romanticizing the "grave digger"?

I look at photos of Marian Robinson and I see the face of a woman who has worked and worked and worked and hasn't been pampered for her entire life.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Blue State Cowgirl said...

What history and changes she's seen in America as a Black Woman of a Certain Age. A good sounding board and, apparently, Barack does value her opinions and advice.

By the way, nominated you for one of the 2009 Bloggie Awards. Details here: