Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's Cadillac Limousine: The Beast

I think the Secret Service made the above photo available to the public.

In the video below, CNN's Jeanne Meserve gives a mini-course on presidential limousines as she builds to talking about President Obama's new high-tech Cadillac DTS.

Meserve's piece is educational, and in another CNN video at this link, a former presidential driver, a retired Secret Service agent tells what it's like to chauffeur the Presidents of the United States of the past.

The Oregonian has a recent story on the presdient's pseudo-tank:
With the Cadillac DTS, code-named "Stagecoach," getting so much screen time, we decided to offer up a few factoids about 44's official ride. The Secret Service has understandably refused to share a lot of the juicier design and interior details, but some of the presidential extras have been revealed. And yes, it has the standard leather seats.

This limo is your limo, from reinforced armor bumper to reinforced armor bumper ... (Read details at The Hard Drive.)
I thought I should do one post about the limo because I get so many hits from people looking for photos of Obama getting out of a limo. I personally like the picture at the post on his coolness factor. But that photo is not showing the new presidential Caddy because it was taken before Obama even won the office, which is why I posted a picture of the new presidential limo above.

According to reports, the Secret Service is calling the presidential limousine, "The Beast." It's also called Limo One the way the president's plane is called Airforce One. More at Wired.


John said...

That is one extraordinary Limousine Cadillac created.I can Imagine adding one of those monsters to our fleet of Fort Lauderdale Limos Gonna make sure to keep this blog in my favorites.

Earnestine Novick said...

I’ve watched the video, and I have to say, it is really entertaining to see the presidential limousines transform and alter through time. =) President Obama’s limousine is so handsome, and apparently has outstanding features that are quite impressive. Hmm. Maybe the limo is called ‘The Beast’ simply because it is robust enough to protect and secure the president from everything that may cause jeopardy.

Earnestine Novick