Friday, January 9, 2009

Old School Fridays for Midlife Mental Health

Ahhh, my first Old School Friday. Some of the beautiful bloggers participating in OSF are call themselves grown folks in comparison to the young people who did not grow in our era of the late 50s to the late 70s (and a few even before that). Others define themselves as "baby boomers," but I think I'm right on the cusp of the last of boomers.

Anyway, if you came of age when I did, then you're most likely middle-aged now, and if you grew up with Motown, Stax, Soul, Arista, and Atlantic records, so much the better. What is it about hearing the music we loved in our youth to conjure sweet memories?

After seeing the Old School Friday meme around the blogosphere for a long while and always getting a kick out of the posts, I decided it's time for me to enjoy my age and sit at the grown folks table. For my first ever OSF meme post, I'm going way back to childhood (before I was a Tween) with songs from Jr. Walker and The All Stars and The Delfonics.

Jr. Walker and The All Stars, "What Does it Take?"

The Delfonics "For the Love that I Give To You."

When I hear these songs, I remember running and funning with my cousins in New Orleans, jumping rope in front of my grandmother's house, and riding in the car with my mom as she dragged me out for all-day Saturday shopping. I also recall trying to figure out what was this thing called love that the singers kept talking about.

This music influenced my romantic notions of male/female love for better or worse. Listening to these songs could make you think you were in love even when you weren't. I like hearing them because they remind me of my innocence.

I got stuck on the idea of being one of the grown folks after reading Revvy Rev's Old School post. I grooved to each one of his choices, which are all really grown. :-)

Through Sojourner's Place, I learned that the creators of this meme are Mrs. Grapevine and The Marvalous View and has these rules, if you want to join the party.


Revvy Rev said...

Welcome to OSF choice blogger! It is good to have some grown company and you know that I am feeling your picks, the Delphonics and Jr. Walker nem'. I love it. This music keeps me sane and calms me down when the thumpin' music gets me too amped up.

I see that you already tracked down the info that you requested on my blog. Good! Enjoy OSF and have a great weekend!

Pop Art Diva! said...

Welcome to OSF - and good choice of songs - you're swimming in my age pool with those!

I'm an oldie and did Elvis all week in honor of his birthday so I just had to post Elvis singing Viva Las Vegas even though I had to cheat a bit on my year of graduation, lol.

Happy OSF and look forward to more of your posts!

Marvalus said...

Welcome to OSF! I love that Delfonics groove...very nice!

If you will, send me an e-mail @ and I will make sure your name gets added to the weekly distribution e-mail goes out weekly with the theme of the week! Or you can come by my spot (The Marvalus View) or Mrs. Grapevine's spot to view the themes at any time!

Take care and welcome to the party!!

MrsGrapevine said...

No matter the age, I haven't seen too many songs on this meme that I do not know. Every now and then someone will pull something out of the wood-work, that puts me in my place and lets me know that I'm not really Old School. After all I was born in 1977

We also have to add you to the e-mail roster, so if you can please send me your e-mail address at That way you will know what the theme of the week is.

Lastly, I love these two songs, but The Delfonics is by far my favorite. It's something about that falsetto lead that draws me in.

Welcome to OSF!

Hagar's Daughter said...

My fellow New Orleanian welcome to OSF. Great choices - that Jr. Walker jam was smooth.

(can you still get a huck-a-buck down there? - lol)

Vérité Parlant said...

Thank you all for your kind welcome. I look forward to reading your blogs more often and not just on Fridays. :-)