Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Hopes Obama Fails. So Sad.

Limbaugh hopes Obama fails. Sad. Rush is a mosquito sniffing at the behind of a giant, not worth a shot of Off spray. -- V.P.

Rick Sanchez has video at CNN. I won't waste cyberspace posting Limbaugh's nonsense here. I've given Limbaugh too much time already.

Also see: Vintage Rush Limbaugh Tells Formula to Keep Listeners Angry


Scriber's Web said...

Yeah I was very sad when I heard this but what do you expect from Rush L.?

He always creates controversy to drum up his ratings.

Too sad. Give Obama a chance!

Anonymous said...

You and me both, not worth the time. I was going to say something on my blog and then thought the same. I used to enjoy listening to his tirades every now and then because he IS so vocal and so animated and so passionate about what he believes in - and there's nothing wrong with that perse, but when he knocked the Prez, THIS Prez, that was it. You may not agree with what Obama is doing or even have to like the man, but as Americans we should all stand behind him and NOT be hoping that he fails because, if he fails, America fails.

Duh, Rush...

Vérité Parlant said...

:-) Scribner. I commented to someone defending Limbaugh at BlogHer that the man's a media whore. He'll say anything, no matter how damaging, for the sake of attention.

MWW: I also used to listen to Limbaugh sometimes back in the 90s, but after a while I could stomach no more.

Blue State Cowgirl said...

The mood of this country is now incredible. People are pulling together in a positive way to face our challenges. And I think we're all taking a cue from Obama's purposeful reaching out to traditional opponents from Republicans to John McCain and even the Religious Right. I can't help thinking back to his inaugural words: "You will be judge by what you build, not what you destroy."

The hate-spewers like Limbaugh and Coulter are going to be left looking increasingly irrelevant in the coming years.

Malcolm said...

When I heard Limbaugh say on "Hannity" that he hopes Obama fails I was like, "drug-addicted talk show host say what?" Limbaugh's way of thinking is defeatist, pure and simple.

By the way, thanks for adding us (Diversity Ink) to your blogroll.