Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bristol Palin on Fox, Speaking for Herself, Well ... Sort Of

According to CNN, Bristol Palin, 18, said on her first interview since the birth of her baby that abstinence only is unrealistic. Her mother, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska and former Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States, believes in abstinence only education to address teen pregnancy and took a lot of heat for holding those beliefs with a pregnant teen daughter in the house.

Laina D., a blogger, discussed how differently this white teen's pregnancy was covered by conservative media that belittle black teens in the same predicament.

Bristol seems like a sweet girl and certainly talks the way many teenagers talk. She frequently uses the word "like":
"It's just, like, I'm not living for myself anymore. It's, like, for another person, so it's different," Bristol Palin told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren. "And just you're up all night. And it's not glamorous at all," she said. "Like, your whole priorities change after having a baby."
No, duh. I'm not making fun of her but recalling my thrust into motherhood at age 21.

CNN also reports that Bristol doesn't sound like she wants to marry her baby's father, Levi Johnston, anytime soon. She wants to campaign against teen pregnancy.

I don't know if Grandma Sarah was being overprotective of Bristol or just trying to make sure this media coverage doesn't blow up in her face because she probably wants to seek national office again, but she appeared on camera to speak for her daughter at one point, saying Bristol's a smart girl.

I'll cut Sarah Palin slack on this one. She's a mother, and I'm sure she's afraid the media's going to devour Bristol, and some will bare teeth a bit. CNN video below, but Gawker has the Fox clip where Bristol says abstinence is unrealistic because teens are having sex all over the place.

Bristol's still a child and uncomfortable talking about sex. It's obvious in the Fox clip.

MSNBC headlined this story with Bristol saying she doesn't regret motherhood. MSNBC also reported in December that Bristol could earn $300,000 from selling pictures of baby Tripp, born December 28.

CNN Links: Bristol not pushing just say no to sex. And "Palin battles media." At HuffPo, Cristina Page is calling Bristol a media maven.

For Fox's transcript of the interview, click here.


Jessie said...

It's very interesting how this is all turning out, but I still dont think Sarah can explain her way out of a paper bag let alone explain her pregnant daughter while still gunning for abstaining sex in teens.

Vérité Parlant said...

We'll see, Jessie. Americans have short memories and as a result, Palin may be able to re-invent herself before she runs for national office again. I'll be very surprised if she doesn't run for something.

Thank you for the visit.

Jaberwooky said...

Ok, so Bristol Palin is NOT smart enough to avoid getting pregnant and now she is suddenly the voice of teenage America. Shut the fuck up. I want to move to Guatamala.