Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free Book Alert: The Truth About Men Cheating

Oprah's giving away Dr. Gary Neuman's book, "The Truth About Cheating" for FREE for the next 22 hours and 50 minutes (It's a 24 hour offer and I'm posting it more than an hour after the show aired.). You can download it at this link. I've downloaded my copy.

I watched the show today and as a woman who's been through the cheating spouse thing, I'll be talking about this subject more tomorrow night after I look at my free book download. Here's a link to today's Oprah show.


Aftercancer said...

Completely unrelated I just wanted to tell you that I've subscribed based on your response to the healthcare article on Blogher. Well said, now we just need to convince the rest of the country. said...

Hi there!

Thanks for this book!! I have downloaded it. Maybe I will address this issue at my blog at some point but I think that white women's issues with cheating have an entirely different dimension than black women's issues with accepting and confronting betrayal...

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!