Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Man Steals Money from Boy Who Lost His Arm to Alligator

When 11-year-old Devin Funck had his arm ripped off by a alligator down here last year, I posted on the news and his recovery as well as people wanting to donate to his care. Therefore, I thought I should let readers know of the treachery afoot with the Funck donations as reported today by WWL TV:
SLIDELL, La. - St. Tammany police announced the arrest of a man for stealing thousands of dollars from funds raised for a Slidell boy who lost his arm in an alligator attack.

Cory Dunn, a family friend of the Funck family, was arrested for allegedly taking money from Devin Funck, the 11-year-old boy who lost his left arm in an alligator attack when he was swimming with two friends in a Slidell pond. (WWL-TV)
It sounds like Dunn was all over the place making himself the de facto spokesperson for the family. Per the television station via St. Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain, it seems $5,000 is missing.

According to the WWL story, Dunn's justifying taking the money with excuses such as his own daughter needed surgery and he ran up personal expenses raising money for Devin. Strain thinks management of the funds got the better of Dunn, but "Strain added that in his 13-years of law enforcement this was the first time he saw money intended to help a child stolen."

Perhaps it's a simple case of human frailty, but for now Dunn looks like an opportunistic vulture.


David-Funck said...

hes 12 not 11 lol im his brotrher so i can tell....:P

Vérité Parlant said...

Does that mean he's had a birthday?