Sunday, February 15, 2009

Michelle Obama Hot on Vogue

I was not paying attention. With the peanut butter recalls, the Continental Flight 3407 crash, and my living my own life, I missed First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover of Vogue Magazine. (Nice slide-show too.)

I'm probably also late because sometimes it takes me a while to process new stuff. For instance, I'm still trying to wrap my head around this idea that Michelle Obama is a plus-sized woman. What?

Our First Lady looks stunning. Take that, Anne Coutler!

I found out about the cover reading fashion week in review at BlogHer. I think I'm having some kind of DID experience when it comes to talking fashion.

Here's video from CNN's Anderson Cooper on First Lady Michelle Obama at Howard University and on Vogue.


lincolnperry said...

I been a long time for this....Michelle on VOGUE, Barack on Vanity Fair!

Blue State Cowgirl said...

I'll say it again, I want Michelle Obama's arms! With definition like that, there's no way she's "Plus size" unless you define Plus as tall! She looks great.

Spook said...

Uhm any body else getting a bit tired about how Michelle Obama is connected to fashion more than say policy issues? Rumor has it that their is a Economic Depression going on

msladydeborah said...

One of the interesting aspects about Michelle and her style is the fact that it is natural to her. That comes across no matter what she is wearing.

The issue of image and size is definitely cultural. I am an old school sista so it is okay in my opinion to have wide hips and some booty. That is who we are as women. The whole head trip about size and beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder.

Vérité Parlant said...

Spook, the only answer I have for you is that this is where society places a First Lady. Thank you for adding your comments. Even Hillary Clinton, who spent a lot of time talking about policy when she was First Lady, got fashion coverage. I don't think we heard much about Laura Bush's style though. Why is that?

Lincoln: It's been a long time coming to see a black First Lady anywhere. :-) I have few complaints about this. Heehee.

Blue State: I'm with you on the arms. LOL.

Msladydeborah: You've seen my picture so you know I don't call Michelle a plus size woman, and it is cultural, which is what I think Lisa also said at Black Women Blow the Trumpet. We don't have a bunch of black Calista Flockharts running around. I even think there's been some discussion that while we as a race need to take off weight and are fighting weight-related illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure, it's also true that we may in general have greater muscle density that some of our white sisters. Michelle looks like she's got good muscles to me. ;-)

Thank you all for the visit and the comments. I hope to drop by your spots soon.

Spook said...

Vérité Parlant, Two things a (A) critical socratic response to your comment

(B) a rant about fat/over wieght Black women

A) To say oh well "this is where society places a First Lady" translates to more of the same instead of change. This is my problem with liberals. They don't understande and demand radical shifts in our political/economic paradigm. This is something the republicans do at the grassroots level every time they get the presidency.

What about US as black people inspiring and demanding that Michelle Obama change the perception of what it means to be first lady, instead of "owwing and ahhhing" over her million dollar dresses? To be focused on fashion (especially in these times) sounds liked more bread and circuses while Rome burns, while the people starve. But I guess we can't break out of our matrix.

Yes Hillary got fashion coverage, but she was also compared very early in the Clinton administration to Eleanor Roosevelt because of her immediate engagement in policy, which earneed her the title of co president, which I think did alot for women.

And honestly I don't care about Laura Bush besides for that she gave eight years of comfort to one of the biggest criminals who lived in the white house.

B) my rant.
Black women please lose some weight! Being fat/overwieght is "cultural" to the extent that chitterlings are which I like in moderation, i.e. once a year!

Seriously I'm tired of sistas thinking I'm not into "Black culture" because I don't want to date some one who wieghts more than me! If I can work out three days a week and jog then so can they. Its enough to make a Spook consideder dating white women!

Spook out

p.s this rant is not directed toward poor black women.

Vérité Parlant said...

Spook: Really. Date all the white women you want. I think men have the right to be happy with whomever they deem fit. :-)

When intelligent and informed black women discuss cultural issues related to weight and size differences, they are not using it as an excuse to not get into shape. Black women are working on their bodies and self-image all across the country. Some even have gone overboard with their desires to fit what others think they should look like.

But Michelle Obama is not a plus-size woman. She doesn't need to be put on one a diet and she does hit the gym regularly. So, to say that we don't see Michelle Obama as a plus-size has nothing to do with how we may or may not see ourselves. It is a cultural thing to see her as a plus-size.

Nevertheless, and sorry to point you out, Blue State, but ... Blue State Cowgirl is a white female who is not a plus-size woman and she doesn't see Michelle Obama as plus-sized woman. So, the ability to look at Michelle Obama and see a woman who doesn't need to lose weight is not confined to black women. Women recognize that portraying her that way is ludicrous.

White women are dealing with the same bias showing against Michelle Obama, a desire to see women stick thin instead of at their healthy, natural weights. Michelle Obama works out and is at a healthy weight.

Furthermore, when I speak of muscle density and differences between white women and black women, I'm not talking about 50 lb. differences. It's usually a 10 lb. difference.

Since you've got issues with black women and weight, I suggest you visit forums where white women, thin and plump alike, discuss freely how the pressure to be thin and look like a Vogue model has affected them. After that, perhaps you should visit NIH, where I'm sure you'll find information about obesity as an epidemic affecting people, genetic factors that impact weight loss and weight gain, and health issues that may lead to either. Informed black women know about pushing plates away and some of us are intimately acquainted with starving ourselves only discover we've screwed up our metabolism making it even harder to lose weight. Understanding the reasons behind a larger body beyond "hey, exercise and eat fruit" does not mean anyone's happy to be fat. I don't care what they say.

But Lisa at BWBTT has taken a deeper look at this issue than I have as it relates to psychology, culture, and black women.

Obesity is an issue in this nation not just with black women. But for women, perhaps you'll be able to see that some issues are more women's issues first, divided into cultural corners second, and men's opinions of us are relevant last if we know who we are because their bodies work differently from ours. We have to live with ourselves. We don't necessarily have to live with a man.

So, there are valid cultural differences worth discussing about how both beauty and body are perceived. And it ain't just a black thang.

(You eat chitterlings. Yuck! Ate two bites once to not insult a hostess. Otherwise. Nawwww.)

I'm not going to get into the debate about liberals vs. Republicans except to say that I prefer the terms progressive and conservative. Shows were the heads really are. Progressives have a powerful grassroots network. Obama took advantage of it to get elected. And the Civil Rights movement was a grass roots effort from which the Republicans learned.

Where progressives messed up? They believed their own press clippings from the 60s and thought their work was done while Nixonites were busy cultivating the loyalties of blue-collar white folk scared to death of losing the "real America that empowered them."

You want Michelle Obama to address more issues, write her and tell her that. I suspect she's already got a plan though, something she made clear while her husband was running for president. Also, she made clear that in his first 100 days of office and beyond if necessary, her priority will be making sure her children adjust to their new digs and school. So, she's a mother first.

I addressed all this grabbing at Michelle Obama in Michelle Obama is Covered in Handprints. She's got enough pressure on her and people ready to slap and grab her because they think any "strong black woman" will automatically want to be co-President even to the detriment of the presidency, Chris Rock's big offensive joke.

As for the Obama administration, I think it's going to get plenty of pressure from black people as soon as black people realize that his win really ain't about them and only them beyond something to mark down on the Black History calendar. He's not a black nationalist.

Where's my Excedrin?

That's my response for the moment or today. I appreciate your leaving your opinions. Took a look at your blog last night and saw where you're coming from. Cool, but been there done that. Got the t-shirts packed somewhere with my ballet slippers. I believe revolution takes one mind with room for dissenting opinions about how to reach a mutual goal, a blending of covert and overt action.

Spook said...

"been there done that. Got the t-shirts packed somewhere with my ballet slippers"

Wow sounds rather omniscient but then maybe you are, I just don't gather as much from your blog as you do from mine :-)

But I did want to say for the "record", that I was just being tongue and with my white girl comment. My concern is obesity in the Black community even though over all I consider myself an internationalist.

p.s but the chitterlings comment....what can I say? I mean I could justify that they're served all over the world in one form or another, but why should I? Good is good! Now let me get to the gym.

Yours in fried chicken,


Vérité Parlant said...

Spook: Just curious, how old are you and why are you so rude with a big chip on your shoulder?

Been there, done that packed the T-shirts with my ballet slippers is very tongue in cheek. And what's up with you that people can't even express what they don't like to eat and you spend time figuring how to insult them? You respond as though my not liking chitterlings is some kind of reflection on you as a person. I don't like them and nobody in my family eats them either.

I don't like milk either. If you drink it then what does that have to do with my not drinking it?

Thing about the white girls. I don't care if you date them or don't date them, whether you were joking or not joking. It's your business. Just like I don't care what you eat. That's about you, and I don't know you only the surface you leave in your blog space. I respect your opinions and didn't put them down. I said I was familiar with them, heard similar before. Hence the t-shirt comment.

You left commentary on my blog and I responded, but after this time, I'll give more thought next time to a straightforward response because apparently you think any answer that doesn't agree with you is an insult to your intelligence. It's not.

Heard recently that men are highly competitive and like to win. Brother, you win. Don't waste your time with what people say on blogs if it takes that much out of you. And really don't respond to anything I write if your impression is that it's picking a fight with you because I'm not.