Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mouse in Food at Local TX Restaurant? Ah, Memories of the NYC Ratastic

Yes, I know. The mouse du jour in duck sauce is gross. When I saw the video on CNN of the El Paso, Texas, woman who said she found a long-tail mouse in her food at a local restaurant, I remembered a story I saw unfold in New York in 2007, rats all over a combo KFC/Taco Bell restaurant. Eew! (See video, first of 3, below.)

Heads rolled at NYC's health department after people saw video of rats on holiday, caught by passers-by. (old story)

It sounds as though the restaurant in the El Paso story posted at CNN today also failed health inspection visits, giving credence to the woman's story. However, the restaurant owner in this story is going with innocent until proven guilty for his defense and has suggested the woman brought the mouse with her and placed it on her plate herself. I guess she rolled the little feller up in the sauce too.
Mouse Allegedly Found In Food At Lin's
Monica Balderrama-KFOX News Reporter

Monday, February 2, 2009 – updated: 9:35 am MST February 3, 2009
EL PASO, Texas -- Lin's Buffet on Gateway East near the Yarbrough in the Lower Valley is still open for business, but health inspectors did look around after someone reported allegedly finding a mouse in the food.

What Maria Gonzalez said she found in her food when she went to Lin's Buffett last Friday night made her lose her dinner.

"I took a closer look and I saw its tail and I started throwing up," said Gonzalez.

... KFOX looked into the restaurant and found out Lin's Buffett has a long history of violations. According to the Health Department's website, in a period of eight months, Lin's failed six unannounced inspections by food inspectors. On Saturday morning, food inspectors showed up after someone reported the mouse incident. Inspectors didn't find any presence of rodents but Lin's failed the routine inspection again. The restaurant closed its doors in order to correct all the violations. (KFOX)
Below I have video of both stories, the El Paso story of 2009 and the NYC story of 2007.

First, El Paso, Texas, video from KFOX of woman who found long-tail mouse in plate of Chinese food.

Second, New York KFC Rats of 2007 (2 videos)

If you had planned to eat out tonight, you might be rethinking that about now.

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Angel said...

I live in El Paso and I feel embarrass of this incident, is bad enough we can't visit our sister city (Cd. Juarez, drug cartel war) but now this really takes the cake. Mice in our restaurants, Commmonnn!!!!