Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Puppy: Portuguese Water Dog News & Video

Updated: Click this link for the latest Obama puppy post.

Yes, this post is all about the puppy, but I'm worn on out on the topic, having written about it at least five times before. The Discovery Channel, CNN, Fox, everybody and her grandmama in news is reporting that the Obamas have chosen a breed, the Portuguese Water Dog, as the promised puppy for Sasha and Malia.

Why is this big news? Because the nation is still obsessed with the first family and, well, it's a puppy.

From the American Kennel Club's information on this breed:
An athletic, active breed, the Portuguese Water Dog requires daily vigorous exercise. He is very intelligent and responds well to obedience training. His profuse coat is hypoallergenic, but requires regular maintenance. It may be kept in the lion clip (the coat on the hindquarters and muzzle are clipped to the skin) or the retriever clip (the entire coat is clipped to one inch in length and follows the outline of the dog). (AKC)
Quickie review:And here's YouTube video of Portuguese Water Dog puppies that I'm sure will start to get tons of hits now.

O.K. I give up. They're darned cute.

And updated, from Time, Michelle Obama talks dog names:

Michelle also gives People the scoop on the First Dog's arrival. The family plans to get their Portuguese Water Dog in April, after a family spring break trip. But they haven't decided on a name. "Oh, the names are really bad," Mrs. O. says with a laugh. "You listen and you go – like, I think, Frank was one of them. Frank! Moose was another one of them. Moose. I said, well, what if the dog isn't a moose? Moose. I'm like, no, come on, let's work with the names a little bit." (USA Today, First Lady talks imperfection of her marriage and puppy names)


Blue State Cowgirl said...

Awww. With all the bad news lately, we desperately need "cute puppy stories." But I'm still carrying on my lobbying for Obama to get a Smooth Fox Terrier -- not for the kids -- but for our national security.

I make my case here:

mic_comte said...

The Portuguese Water Dog makes wonderful pets, and their curly hairs are so handsome. A good choice for the Obama family, now some questions remain: male or female, how will they call it?