Friday, February 20, 2009

OSF: The Jacksons--How Can a Child Sing Like That?

This is an Old School Friday quickie. It's carnival time down here, so time's short.

This week the theme is the Jacksons, and as someone who used to fight with her friends and cousins over which one of us Michael would marry and because I used to have J-5 pictures posted all over my bedroom walls when I was a pre-teen, I must participate this week.

On the issue of who would marry Michael--We were too young to know a troubled soul when we saw one. But no one could miss that boy's talent. And I recall the adults talking about this first posted song "Who's Loving You?" and asking, "How can a little child sing that kind of misery? How does he know?"

We learned later he had his own blues despite his age and fame.

Next, I'm going with Janet Jackson. Remember the debate in the book Waiting to Exhale about whether Janet Jackson can sing? She's no Patti LaBelle, but little sister knows how to entertain, and her voice is right for some kinds of music. I loved her songs "Control" and "Rhythm Nation," (especially liked watching the music video for "Rhythm Nation"). Through her music you saw her evolve. However, my favorite Janet song is probably "That's The Way Love Goes." I like its airiness and the melody.

And yes, I bought the Velvet Rope CD, probably influenced by her sampling Joni Mithcell's "Big Yellow Taxi" in "Got 'Til It's Gone." I've already owned up to listening to a lot of Joni Mitchell. Janet was going through some kind of changes in Velvet Rope.

The creators of the Old School Friday meme are Mrs. Grapevine and The Marvalous View and has these rules, if you want to join the party.

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Villager said...

You hit it on the nail with the J5 song. Also, it is a sad truth that all of us loved Michael Jackson and his talent ... and none of us saw the hole in his soul that would result in his current situation and tattered reputation. Enjoy Carivale!

peace, Villager

Revvy Rev said...

Great title, great angle, the analysis was on spot, and you broke it down for us. Shouldn't you be critiquing for the NY Times? And you always get my subtleties as well. Nothing slips by you. Enjoy the partying this weekend in NOLA land.

Marvalus said...

Wow! You hit the nail on the head with this one! How could we possibly have seen the tortured soul?

Catch some beads for me...

Happy OSF!

msladydeborah said...

You picked one of my faves from that era of the Jacksons musical legacy. That was the tune back in the day! I can remember sitting and listening to Who's Loving You and singing right along with Michael. Since I was older than Mike he was never a love interest of mine. But I loved his talent to the max.

I am a Joni Mitchell fan from the beginning of her career. I like Janet, I hope that she finds a way to mature up in her musical choices. As it stands she has been rather disappointing on her last few CD's. But she is a great entertainer for sure.

Have a good time this weekend! Send some sunshine to The O-State! I could use it.

Hey Shae! said...

I used to look at Michael singing these songs as a child and think, "What does he know about that?" LOL

I love that he always sings a song as if he is feeling every word of it.

Happy OSF!

SjP said...

I like Joni, too!

Love your picks...Enjoy the "carnival"!

Regina said...

That is one of my Janet favorites! I think while we were all in a trance over MJ he was going through stuff we will never know and things just got worse as he got older.