Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rihanna, Chris Brown and the Missing Usher

Generally, I don't keep up with the crowd in the drama spotlight for canceling Grammy appearances. The singer Usher has a scary situation, however. It seems, with his wife, Tameka Foster, having emergency complications during plastic surgery in Brazil. It's disturbing that a neurosurgeon has been called in. Having to call in a brain doctor is rarely good news. Due to this scare, the singer canceled his pre-Grammy appearance at a party for legendary music producer Clive Davis, reports new sources.

The Rihanna/Chris Brown situation is another story completely, however. It sounds like Chris can't control his temper, and it's widely speculated that he assaulted girlfriend Rihanna at 3:00 in the morning. That's a whole different kind of tragedy, domestic violence.

You can read more about that at Mrs. Grapevine, who tends to have the 411 on black entertainment news and gossip plus great photos. Follow her if you want an update on the drama.

So, I hearing this news this evening as I watch the Grammy's, and realizing one thing: I still don't like Justin Timberlake. It's not about his voice or whether he has talent. The boy just rubs me the wrong way.

I'm feeling Jennifer Hudson tonight. That girl's gone through the valley. I saw her perform last year before the loss of her mother, brother, and nephew. Also enjoyed her performance in the movie The Secret Life Of Bees.

I'm waiting for Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. Not looking forward to Kanye. I'm happy for his success but keep hoping that he's also getting the mental health care he clearly needs.

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