Monday, February 16, 2009

What I Did for Java Love

It's odd that I have two coffee-related posts in a row, both about love. The first was about couples falling in love at Starbucks, but today's post really is about loving coffee, PJ's Southern Pecan blend exactly.

Attempting to save money, I'd stopped dropping into my local PJ's sometimes for a cup of coffee. Instead, I'd been sending my son over to pick up a bag of Southern Pecan, my favorite flavor, and brewing it at home. But I missed sitting in the PJ's near my house sometimes. It had a wonderfully warm atmosphere, an old house broken into four large rooms with comfy sofas and wooden table and chairs.

Running low on my blend, I darted over in the car myself after some errands Thursday. My son was in the car with me. Night played with last of sunlight as I pulled into PJ's lot, startled to see the lot empty and the coffee house dark.

"What? It looks closed for good," I said, angling my Toyota so I could shine the headlights on the note on the door. Then my son pipes up.

"Oh, yeah, Mom. I forgot to tell you that they closed down." He passes the store on his way home sometimes.

Felt like I'd lost an old friend, not like a death because coffee houses are legion and I'd stopped hanging out regularly at this one. There's Starbucks next to the PJ's and it's easy to find another PJ's, just not the one with the warmth of that old house. But I did panic. How would I get my beloved PJ's Southern Pecan blend?

On Valentine's Day, after leaving a get-together, I stopped by the other P.J.'s I frequent, and they were out of Southern Pecan. This morning I thought I'd wise up, and so I went online to buy my drug from PJ's online, but then I discovered that the minimum shipping fee cost nearly as much as a bag of coffee. I would pay that if that was my only choice, and I'd order more than one bag, but gas is low enough that ordering online when I can go find another brick and mortar PJ's easily would be wasteful.

I called the next nearest PJ's, the same one I went to on Saturday, and told the barrista I'd dropped by over the weekend. Before I could ask my question, she answered it, "We're getting more in Tuesday."

Whew! Coffee withdrawal experience averted. I've got one brew left for tomorrow morning, so I'm safe. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be at PJ's picking up my fix.

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