Saturday, February 21, 2009

Zulu History and Watching Parade Cam at

I couldn't make it to the Krewe of Tucks parade, in which my son's marching today, but I'm watching it on's live parade cam. Just saw his band go by. It's a 4-mile-plus route. He'll be whipped when he gets home.

I went last year and saw him march. Tucks is a fun parade, mocking politicians and making statements about life as we know it in the Crescent City. One of today's floats' theme was "The Mayor Who Cried Wolf." The Krewe of Muse has its shoes, the Zulus have their golden coconuts. Krewe of Tucks signature throw of Tucks? Tiny toilet plungers. Compared to something you know, think of Tucks as similar to The Onion, full of satire and fun. (Muse is an all female krewe.)

I can't do two parades in one day or hang out a whole day like we did when I was young, and since I plan to be at NOMTOC tonight, I skipped Tucks. (Update: Listening to my little cousin, I said NOMTOC. I meant Endymion.)

This year I plan to make it to the Zulu parade on Mardi Gras day and had hoped to go to the ball, but couldn't afford it. Here's video from The Times Picayune about the Zulus celebrating their 100th anniversary. It will tell you more than I care to write, and perhaps you'll get an idea of why Zulu looks the way it does, not so politically correct, and at a website "From Tramps to Kings," you can read about Louis Armstrong's dream to be Zulu King one day:

Zulu celebrates 100 years

NOMTOC and Zulu are both all-black krewes. I wrote about segregated Mardi Gras krewes last year.

Another video found at Times Picayune is this one that shows the McDonogh #35 High School Band helping New Orleans police train horses for Mardi Gras parades. I graduated from #35, but I was not in the band. Rooted it on though.

McDonogh 35 Band Helps NOPD Acclimate Horses to Carnival

The Times Picayune does an excellent job covering carnival.

CNN and other news sources report that the economic crisis doesn't seem to be impacting Mardi Gras down here at all. I thought the same thing last night while out with friends.

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