Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Results: Down to 10 (Spoilers if You're on West Coast)

American Idol Alexis GraceHard to go from A.I.G. fiscal drama to A.I.E., American Idol eliminations. So, I'm keeping it short. I saw the show and mega-star American Idol winner Carrie Underwood performed a duet tonight with country legend Randy Travis before American Idol said good-bye to Tennessean Alexis Grace.

Last night Grace, who's been pegged as looking like a young Dolly Parton, sang Parton's "Jolene," but that wasn't enough to save her. The judges could have kept her, but didn't.

A writer at NewsDay calls the dismissal shocking! I guess it is. I thought Megan Joy would be going home, but she sang Patsy Cline last night while enduring the flu, so maybe people felt sorry for her and didn't mind sacrificing one blonde for another.

BTW, the bottom three included Grace, Alison Iraheta, and Michael Sarver. The final top 10 will go on the famous Idol tour: Adam Lambert, Li'l Rounds, Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre, Megan Joy, Michael Sarver, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, and Matt Giraud.

Click here for my previous AI posts, and here for Elisa Camahort's astute evaluation/recap of last night's show of which the theme was country music. She thinks Adam Lambert is talented, as do I (his "Ring of Fire" was fine by me), but Elisa also thinks Scott MacIntyre is terribly boring. Do you think Scott's getting a pity vote because he's blind?

Here's video of Grace singing Aretha Franklin's "I Ain't Never Loved A Man" a few weeks ago, I think. AI blends together after a while. Don't be surprised if this video disappears later because the AI people ask for it to be removed.

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