Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Erykah Badu, Twitter, and the Toucan Stalker

On singer Erykah Badu being terrorized by a female stalker, I feel for her. TMZ and other sources report on Badu's stalker drama and say Badu's been a trooper, showing up to perform at SXSW conference's Music Festival despite having recently been "barricaded in her home by a stalker" that the police "pepper-sprayed and cuffed." I think TMZ's use of the word "barricaded" is an exaggeration.

The woman stalker sounds a tad touched in the head, possibly not dangerous, but if somebody had been doing weird stuff with a rabbit, blue shutters, and a Toucan in front of my house repeatedly, I would've called the cops too. Was that a stuffed bird a live bird?
the erykah badu stalker had a toucan
I guess you're a fan if you're buying CDs and talking about Badu in forums or on a blog. You're a stalker if you're following the star around and performing healing rituals on her lawn. The Toucan is a totem, per About.com.
The toucan represents communication and showmanship. The toucan's colorful appearance and large bill indicates a strong desire to be seen and heard. When the toucan appears as a totem it is likely time for you to step forward out of the shadows and stand in the lime light for awhile. If you have difficulty speaking in public toucan medicine can help clear and heal throat chakra blockages. The toucan may appear whenever you are craving attention, helping you to sort out why you are feeling this way. (About.com)
The TMZ story, which has an awful photo of Badu posted with it, also says the singer kept her fans updated about her stalker via her Twitter account, which is on lock, btw, meaning you have to be approved first before you can follow her. Nothing surprising there. But how do we know the page is really Badu and not a fan?

I found the link on my own, but I suppose it's correct since Entertainment Weekly shares it as Badu's Twitter account as well. She's one of many celebrities using the social media network. Per EW:
"Police just apprahended [sic] a stalker in front of my house. Stay tuned for details." Badu went on to give her Twitter followers a blow-by-blow account of a dramatic confrontation outside her Dallas home. (EW)
EW has a much better photo of Erykha Badu than TMZ. I think somebody at TMZ thinks bad pictures make its information seem more "real" and hot off the cell phone or something. I think it makes their pages look like TMZ people have bad cameras.

Rolling Stone reports that Kanye West and Common also performed with other entertainers at the SXSW two-hour event. RS has a photo gallery here.

I've posted Badu's "Bag Lady" music video. It's an older song but one of many songs by her that I like, and it's the song that came to mind when I heard about the stalker outside Badu's house. You can view the singer's more recent work at her website.

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msladydeborah said...

I was unaware that Miss Badu had a stalker.

It sounds like she was doing some sort of spiritual ritual for Erykah. Blue is a color of protection. I don't know about the rabbit. Perhaps it was for continued fertility.(LOL!) But, I certainly can understand why Erykah might feel very uncomfortable with her hanging around her home.

I have a Twitter account. But I seldom use it to update people about what I am doing. There is such a thing as TMI. I check to see what other people are up to and in my group of friends there are some folks who do interesting things. But I know that there are also folks who are addicted to twittering.