Saturday, March 7, 2009

Forgot We're Entering Daylight Saving Time?

Thank goodness for Twitter trends and the web in general. I forgot that tonight is the night we turn our forward one hour. It always feels like I'm losing an hour, but this article at says DST is nothing to lose sleep over, while acknowledging losing an hour of sleep sucks. Here are some tips from the article that will help you adjust, per experts.
  1. “Get up early Sunday, go outside and get some sunlight—or at least open the blinds.”
  2. "Avoid evening light"
  3. "Right now, go pick a clock—any clock in your house—and set it one hour ahead. Eat, sleep and wake according to this clock ..."
  4. Regain energy with exercise.
Read full article at this link.

Related, a story at Detroit Free Press about the world's largest watch store preparing for DST. And here's a cute website on Daylight Saving Time: link.

From the CBS Fastdraw team, does DST cost us more money than it saves?

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Well, THANK YOU for the news. I would have completely missed it.