Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Night Wind Down: Watchmen Not , Michael Jackson, Tony Harris, Chris Brown-Rihanna & Instant Starbucks?

I didn't get to see Watchmen as planned today. Started out this morning with my adult kids saying we'd go at 1:00, and then my father, 88, got involved wanting to help my daughter get her flat tire fixed. Next 1:00 became 3:35 p.m. and then 4:40 p.m. showing. Now we're postponing until Sunday because I don't want to be in the movies with a boatload of people tonight. O.K., this means I can read the graphic novel here at the house tomorrow.

It's a good thing tonight's a great TV night, Ghost Whisperer, even though it's getting sillier, Numb3rs, Dollhouse, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Battlestar Galactica. Thank God for DVRs so I can store up shows for a rainy day or boring afternoon.

And then I saw CNN pushing Reggie Aqui singing "Islands in the Stream" with Dolly Parton, who in her interview talked about when she decided to look trashy. I never thought of her that way. That Aqui/Parton duet was cute, but not nearly as entertaining as Tony Harris yesterday impersonating Michael Jackson.

I saw it, the video at the top of this post, in the morning while sitting with my dad at Max Tax, a black-owned tax preparation company in Gretna, La. The owner's nephew worked on my dad's taxes and the kid looked to be about 13, but he's 24. Oh, I'm getting old but apparently not so old that my dad doesn't still boss me around.

Anyway, yesterday Michael Jackson announced his final 10-concert tour called "This is It!" and all day long people were either loving on him or hating on him. I'm neutral at this point. But his face and hair. Oy! The King of Pop is making a comeback with a London tour that he says will be his final curtain call in July. He told the crowd he loved them repeatedly and that he will be performing the songs his fans wants to hear.

What do we call him now, an expatriate? Media's calling him broke, more than 200 million in debt. But the crowds were out saying "We still love you, Michael." You can't deny his talent.

On the odd news front, I love coffee, and since I moved back I've been drinking PJ's because I love its Southern Pecan blend. Still, I go back to Starbucks Coffee sometimes. My daughter got me a reloadable card. But isn't the whole point of gourmet coffee fresh distinctive taste? I thought so, but today I heard Starbucks is introducing an instant coffee. I dunno. It just seems wrong.

So much for the lighter side. Maybe this weekend I'll get around to talking about the Chris Brown-Rihanna mess and Brown being charged with her assault. It's depressing, but I may post more on it later. Here's an update video from CNN.

Furthermore, Womanist Musings has good commentary as always, The Violence We Don't Talk About.

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