Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hold a Grudge Much? Iran Wants Hollywood Apology

Apparently the nation of Iran has been ticked off at the American movie industry for more than 30 years and now wants Hollywood to apologize, according to CNN.
TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Hollywood should apologize to Iran for "insults and accusations against the Iranian nation," a top aide to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a visiting Hollywood delegation Sunday.

... "Representatives of Iran's film industry should only have an official meeting with representatives of the Academy and Hollywood if they apologize for the insults and accusations against the Iranian nation during the past 30 years," said Javad Shamghadri, Ahmadinejad's advisor on the arts, ISNA reported. (CNN)
What movies have they found insulting?
Why an apology because of The Wrestler? "The Wrestler" features a character known as The Ayatollah, played by Ernest Miller, who takes on Rourke's Randy 'The Ram' Robinson," per CNN.

Not Without My Daughter, which you can watch on YouTube, was promoted as a true story based on Betty Mahmoody's rescue of her daughter. The book is supposedly one of the most hated books in all of Iran.

I guess "the great nation of Iran" with its "rich culture" is out of touch with Hollywood and how it does business. Has Hollywood apologized for any movie made?

Has it apologized for decades of presenting African-Americans as thugs and nitwits? Has it apologized for its portrayals of "Bible-believing" Christians as being out of their minds often? Has it apologized to women for often portraying them as sex objects? Will the producers of the Tarzan movies apologize to Africans for making them look like savages? How about the folks behind the Charlie Chan movies? And, wowsers! What about portrayals of Native Americans?

What next, will Germany want an apology for World War II movies?

If you know of an instance in which the American Academy of Motion Pictures has apologized for the imagery in any one movie, please let me know.

Hollywood doesn't apologize. It simply starts to make different types of movies to adjust to the times and what sells.

Per CNN, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is mum for now on apologies to Iran.

I don't think an industry can apologize for artistic freedom of speech. It may fold under pressure to make different kinds of movies, maybe, but not apologize. My advice to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, if you don't like Hollywood then don't watch its movies or do business with it.

If the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wants to start apologizing now, then it had better write a global form letter quick. Hollywood is an equal opportunity offender. If Hollywood apologized, what would that mean, that it would never present an unfavorable representation of anyone?

And now, should CNN apologize for publishing this nonsense? After reading the article I think Ahmadinejad has too much time on his hands. His complaint shows he doesn't know how America works nor does he understand the principles of free speech. No duh.

So, while American leaders have gotten lots of criticism for being isolated and not knowing how other nations work or understanding the culture of Islamic nations, apparently such ignorance is an international two-way street.

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George Vreeland said...

Iran is an insult to the world.
Their leader wants to destroy Israel and his people shout death to the USA.
We need an apology from Iran.
That country is a laughingstock.

George Vreeland Hill