Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Japanese Smart Toilet on Oprah

smart toiletI know people are going to be curious about the Japanese Smart Toilet mentioned on Oprah's show today. According to Dr. Oz, the current version only measures sugar in urine, but later the invention may be able to tell you what nutrients you're missing in your diet or possibly whether your body is absorbing the nutrients you eat.

CNN covered the "intelligence toilet system", Toto, in 2005. Back then it was selling for $3,500. Based on this article at HomeTone, I suspect Oprah's talking about this toilet not only because it's a curiosity but also because its latest version is being marketed to women.

Today's show covered everything from calorie restriction for longevity to organ regeneration and David H. Murdock's diet and exercise routine. The billionaire is 85 with the blood pressure of a teenager, according to his doctors, he says. He wants to live to 125.

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