Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jindal's Number's on Speed Dial

I've got Bobby Jindal's number on speed dial, meaning I see through him, me and about a million other bloggers and observers. Something's wrong with my governor, some kind of identity crisis, but now that I know what he said last night on Larry King Live, I'm thinking I may be psychic.

At the end of my post--Limbaugh to Michael Steele: Negro, Get Your Behind Back in the Kitchen" (link)--I said Jindal wouldn't care if Rush Limbaugh was the leader of the Republican Party. And look, here's Jindal, confirming that.

I saw the video recently posted at BlogHer, but here's CNN's link about Jindal on damage control. Political junkies have been talking about Rush vs. Steele and having a field day. It's compelling theater.

Ugh, I just realized I've written about him enough that I have to give Limbaugh his own label.

Updated: Jack Cafftery of The Cafferty File is asking on his show tonight Is Rush Limbaugh Running the GOP? Rush Limbaugh has said that he doesn't want to be in charge of the Republican Party but also that Michael Steele seems to support Obama and Pelosi.

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