Sunday, March 1, 2009

Naming 25 Writers Who've Influenced Me

MsLadyDeobrah of From My Brown Eyed View tagged me, and I'm flattered, yes, but also stuck. I have to list 25 writers who've influenced me. Not the easiest list for someone who likes to read and write. But here I go in no particular order.

1. Toni Morrison
2. Octavia Butler
3. Margaret Walker
4. Ralph Ellison
5. Langston Hughes
6. James Weldon Johnson
7. William Shakespeare
8. Writers of the Bible
9. Alice Hoffman
10. Gwendolyn Brooks
11. Dick Gregory
12. Barack Obama
13. Zora Neale Hurston
14. Isabel Allende
15. Alice Walker
16. William Faulkner
17. Studs Terkel
18. Malcom X
19. Alexander Dumas
20. Claude Brown
21. Emily Dickinson
22. T.S. Eliot
23. Amiri Baraka
24. James Baldwin
25. Paul Lawrence Dunbar

Like MsLadyDeborah, I can't tag 25 people as this meme requires, but I'll try 8. Here's my tagged list, and I guess the standard meme rule applies that the person doing the meme needs to link back to the person who tagged them (
(1.) Lisa at BWBTT (don't know if she does memes, but I think her list would be an education), (2.) Megan Smith, (3.) Laurie at Laurie Writes (I should go do the meme on which she tagged me before she sees I've tagged her here.), (4.) Prof. Kim Pearson (if she has time we'll probably learn about some writer we've never heard of.), and (5.) Suzanne Reisman, (6.) Immoral Matriarch , (7.) Iva Lawson (because she's need to get her head out her math book) and (8.) ChickLitGurrl to since she reads so much, it will be interesting to see if she can narrow down 25 writers who've influenced her.
I would've tagged Babz, but she's already done it. Now the challenge is notifying these people that they've been tagged.


Lovebabz said...


We have some in common! Some I had forgotten and didn't think of...COOL!

And thanks for the honorable mention...LOL!

msladydeborah said...


Excellent list. You have some writers that I like but honestly could not remember when I was doing my list.

This has been more fun than I originally thought it would be. It is interesting to see how many participants have read the same authors.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Ok. :)

Revvy Rev said...

Yeah, I got to it late because of Parish duties and everyone else had already been in on it. Anyways, your list is outstanding!

Vérité Parlant said...

Yes, we do Babz. :-)

Deborah, thanks for asking. I just told Megan at Megan's Minute the following:Reading your list only confirms that 25 is probably too short a list when it comes to writers who've influenced you if you're a writer yourself. While out this evening I thought of writers who should have been on my list such as Kate Chopin, Walter Mosley, Gene Roddenberry, Gustave Flaubert, Alex Haley, and OMG--Jane Austin. LOL. Not to mention the many poets and lyricists who've probably influenced me.

I could probably add more.

Maria: Haahah! Goctha!

Rev., there's still time and I want to see your list even if you don't tag people.

Suzanne said...

My list is up, and I also share many of your influences. What scared me while I was putting my list together was how hard I had to think to come up with 25 writers. I felt so illiterate! At the same time, seeing all the writers in the same place showed how much my life has been influenced by people writing about inequality in American society and the need for social justice. Thanks for including me!

Anonymous said...

i really like a lot of those folks too! i suppose i've gotten a lot of my style from the application of that admiration, no words are new, as nothing is, under this beautiful sun! :)