Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taalam Acey's 'Market': Paging Jay-Z, Paging Jay-Z

I was just at Soulbounce and read about Jay-Z pontificating that HipHop has made the world racism free or something like that.

After clarifying that Jay-Z isn't as offensive as some other HipHop artists who we may count as an embarrassment, Soulbounce had this poignant observation:
... I love the part where he says "Racism is taught in the home," because if I was a racist and wanted my kid to follow in my footsteps, then I would show him modern rap videos. (Read the full post here, including Jay-Z's quote)
I've got a response for Jay-Z, Taalam Acey's "Market for Ni$$as." Thank you, Taalam. You've saved me from having to write a dis-sertation on the regrettable aspects of the modern minstrel show. See more of Taalam Acey at MySpace.com.

And now I'm recalling how I spit my Barq's out one night watching late night talk and saw Snoop Dogg comparing his work to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s. I think Snoop was reading Michael Dyson, who's been a defender of rap, and makes a good case, but I still can't buy Jay-Z's logic. WTF!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this. I've never heard of the brother before, so thank you so much for that very powerful introduction. That was dead-on.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Vérité Parlant,

I've read this and the Soulbounce article twice now and I keep asking myself, "Is this a joke?"

No rebuttal, no defense; just unbelievable!


Revvy Rev said...

Great Post! This is the absolute truth.

CousinSarah said...

I will start coming to this blog on a regular.

Taalam is an amazing poet who has blessed my home venue many times. Im so glad you have helped introduce his consciousness to others.

I want to say this shocks and surprises me...but it doesn't. And that in itself is the saddest statement.

msladydeborah said...

Taalam Acey is one of my favorite truth tellers. I especially like 'Market'.

Now about Jay-Z's remark:I am not getting it! It is a statement from a confused mind. When did this sudden decrease happen? Why didn't I receive my memo about it?

WTF? is wrong with this man? For real. This is an illusion in my opinion. One I hope ends as quickly as it began.