Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beyonce on Letterman talks Twitter plus Dueling Trailers, Obsessed vs. Fatal Attraction

Beyoncé Knowles's new movie Obsessed with Ali Larter of Heroes and Idris Elba, who I remember most from The Reaping, has only been in my peripheral vision. I lived through the hoopla over Fatal Attraction in the 1980s starring Glen Close. It's the movie that men used to watch and say it convinced them not to cheat on their wives for awhile.

However, I did see Beyoncé's interview with David Letterman last night in which she discussed why she doesn't tweet or hang out at Twitter. She also talked about her relationship with her sister and how she's not domestic as in doesn't cook or clean.

I have YouTube clips below, but please keep in mind CBS may make YouTube take the clips down for copyright violations. In case that happens, here's a link to a shorter clip of the interview at Letterman's site.

The first video is about Solange, of whom Beyonce says she's protective and how in Beyonce's opinion her sister tweets too much (Solange's Twitter page). Beyonce prefers the phone but says Solange is trying to recruit her to Twitter, which is quickly becoming a promotional tool for celebrities.

This part has Letterman flirting, kept saying Beyonce had two beautiful earrings when he was looking at her breast, and also Beyonce talking about her upcoming tour.

Regarding the movie Obsessed, the singer, who's been in at least three movies now says the fight scenes with Larter helped her release some rage. Rotten Tomatoes has a story/early review. Part of the analsis:
... this blandly-titled film is centered around a love triangle but the casting allows for a new twist with a white woman invading the sanctity of a black couple's marriage. Sony should see a strong turnout from females and from African American moviegoers, but male appeal is solid too so the date crowd will be key here. (Rotten Tomatoes)
The first time I saw the trailer in a movie theater, I thought the producers went with the black man chased by the white woman angle because they want the biggest box office take they can get, but probably all producers want that.

Obsession is also reminiscent of Spike Lee's film Jungle Fever, 1991, which was about what Lee described as an unhealthy attraction between two people of different races. However, in Jungle Fever the white female who was attracted to the married African-American male in her office, played by Wesley Snipes, was not insane, and in that movie the injured wife thought the husband was obsessed with light skin. I don't know if Obsessed will address the topic of some black men acting like fools over white women or just focus on Larter's character being the obsessed party.

The LA Times has this slide show called "The Crazy Ladies Guide To Love" related to the movie, which opens tomorrow, April 24. Here is a link to its official site.

Obsession 2009 vs. Fatal Attraction 1987

Just for fun, here's the trailer for the older movie Fatal Attraction, that had a white cast is followed by the trailer for Obsession.

Obsessed trailer.


le0pard13 said...

When I first saw the Obsessed trailer, I too immediately thought of Fatal Attraction. But then again, thinking about FA had me going back to Play Misty For Me.

Vérité Parlant said...

Hi, Le0. Thanks for dropping by.

I took a course in independent film production back in the 90s and the instructor said that most movies, as I know you know, are variations on another movie you've already seen. In fact their are only about 10 or 12 plots and everything else is a version of that.

The same is said of fiction writer, which I've studied a lot more than I have film.

But I'll always remember this line. The instructor said, "What is ET but a boy and his dog? And Speed with Keanu Reeves? Diehard on a bus." :-)