Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greer Childers: Is She Real?

I just saw part of Greer Childers infomercial, which of course means I've stayed up too late but apparently not so late that I could be suckered into ordering anything from Greer Childers. She once marketed Body Flex, of which the video clip below may be a part. Today she's hawking Shapely Secrets, promising women they can have it all. In only seven minutes per day they can sculpt their bodies, loose lots of inches doing motionless exercise, she claims.

She also claims to be 61 years old herself. I keep thinking the facial exercises she's doing in the old VHS Gold video below must not have been as effective as she hoped because on her latest infomercial the only thing that moves is her mouth. Can you say "Botox"? But she does look good, if you like the plastic look or appearing to have your face pulled tighter than sheep skin over a new drum and equally expressionless.

You won't find her long infomercial showing her dressed like a 20-year-old online. At the end of the shorter Shapely Secrets infomercial video that you can watch at this link, she comes on but practically in cameo and the picture's fuzzy. So is the her picture in this post. Interestingly, you'll find no large, clear pictures of her online easily.

I'm curious at how she looks younger in her current commercial than she does in her old commercial below except for the fact that in the new one she looks like she's probably got an ultra-strength waist pincher on beneath her blouse that interferes with her breathing.

What's wrong with aging gracefully? I mean looking naturally your best or if you're going to buy beauty and youth then at least let it look like Mother Nature love you. Don't get me wrong, if I could look at 60 better than I did at 30, I'd take it, but I don't think looking synthetic is the look I'd want.

And really, if all it took were some exercises to look great at 60, don't you think Oprah would have had Greer on already in her quest for the fountain of youth segments with Dr. Oz? Of course she hasn't had Greer Childers on. Oprah's got her hands full convincing the public that she has nothing to do with the Acai and MonaVie scams. If Oz isn't careful, he may find Oprah washing her hands of him as well, given the Real Age controversy.

Back to Greer Childres: In addition, her expert in the new Shapely Secrets video is a "Dr. Julian Lopez" who's overweight. I kept thinking if the seven-minute workout works so well and makes your life so easy, why hasn't he used it?

Furthermore, have you noticed how most of these weight-loss infomercials, even if you only catch a glimpse of them, show the same "filling, delicious, food plan" not to mention are broken into easy payments of $19.95?

Nevertheless, I suspect what Greer's selling is old-fashioned isometric exercises.

See Greer's facial exercises below, which I recognize from Yoga.

I used to work answering customer calls at an infomercial company. While I like the company, the older people calling who'd purchased products late at night without understanding their commitment or getting exercise DVDs that they found they were too frail to use bothered me. On one hand I say let the buyer beware. On the other I know we reap what we sow and hope that applies to companies and marketers that lie to people, but folks being taken for a ride by a good snake oil salesperson is as old as the hills.


Anonymous said...

the video works

Lisa in Delaware said...

I did the shapley secrets program, started at size 16, and was a size 6 in 6 months. No snake oil, no broken bones. I look and feel wonderful (and near 50). Knock Greer if you want, but what she's hawking does work, just as she's laid it out. I really don't care if the Dr. associated with Shapley Secrets is fat...that's his choice, and we all have a choice. Fat or not, the program does work. I didn't buy the DVD to slim the Dr. down, anyway. Lisa from Delaware

CJessica said...

My face looks younger since I used Greer's DVDs. She is not a phony and her system works and if you order the complete set which is a bargain at about $50, she tells you even how to bulk up food quantity without bulking up your body and how to stay slim with her shapely secrets. She does not make a fortune off of you either like Weight Watchers nor does she ever talk about who's to blame! I think Greer is great, best counselor for weight loss I ever had - Jessica, age 59 looking 39!

Anonymous said...

My wife got the aerobic breathing program many years ago. It was just simplified yoga. Now a neighbor has the newer Greer Childers material and it is just isometrics. My view is this- all of these workout gurus put you on a 1200 kcal per day, ultraclean diet. If you eat like a fitness contest champion, any exercise program will work. And you do not need Greer to eat clean, do 20 pushups, then go for a run.

Anonymous said...

I met Greer years ago while I was working for the hotel she was staying at during her HSN phase. I was given a set of her body flex videos which I passed along to my sister who needed it more than I do. Body flex was working for her until she got busy (read lazy). As far as Greer personally, she is a beautiful woman with an amazing shape. Some of my co-workers claimed that they could see facelift scars but I can't say it for myself. The only thing I can attest to is what I said before....she is beautiful, has an amazing shape and best of all she is super, super nice! Granted this was years ago but I can't imagine much of a change!