Monday, April 27, 2009

Hampton University: Gunman wounds two people and self

No one was murdered Sunday at Hampton University in Hampton, Va., but I still felt chills when I saw that one of my alma maters had a shooting. I read more of the story at CNN and felt worse:
The former student entered Harkness Hall shortly before 1 a.m. by following a pizza deliveryman, said the university's president, Dr. William Harvey, at an afternoon news conference. (per CNN)
I remember Harkness Hall but I remember it being a women's dorm in the 70s and early 80s that was fairly easy to get into. Of course, that was more than 20 years ago.

When I see it in the photo up top with Dubois Hall in the background, which used to be a co-ed dorm, I still think that Harkness is the dorm I recall as being an all-women's dorm, but things change, and I also see evidence that the school had extensive work done are Harkness based on an engineering firm bidding to do the work. Anyway, when I attended it was still known as Hampton Institute, but President Harvey had taken over and had big plans which it seems he's brought to fruition.

The Daily Press reports that it's an all-male dorm now and has more details than CNN.
... a former student walked onto campus and shot the 62-year-old night monitor of Harkness Hall and a 43-year-old pizza delivery driver.

The former student, an 18-year-old who voluntarily withdrew from HU in November, then turned a gun on himself, according to police. It was one of three loaded guns he was carrying, said HU President William R. Harvey.
According the same Daily Press story, President Harvey and other HU officials say the campus is safe and the school was put on lockdown after the shootings, but not until two hours later.

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