Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama vs. Lie to Me: Has Fox News Politics Infected Fox Network Programming?

Update: E Online has results of the ratings war between Fox and Obama. Click here.

News sources report that the Fox Network will not air President Barack Obama's 100 days press conference Wednesday night at 7:00 central time. It's the first time a major network has chosen not to honor an Obama request for air time, according to CNN.

Fox will air its hit show Lie to Me instead, which regularly runs on that night. Network officials say they can't sacrifice ratings to the POTUS as it enters May Sweeps. I'm a fan of Lie to Me, but the network's decision not to run a presidential speech in favor of winning a time slot seems strange to me. I don't recall ever seeing Bush on every major network but one when he was giving a speech, but I could be wrong.

Yes, it smells fishy, but Fox News, the part of Rupert Murdoch's empire that hammers Obama and progressives consistently, clearly favoring conservative ideology, will run the press conference.
Still, there is a school of thought -- or used to be anyway -- that says since Fox Broadcasting has government licenses to operate its television stations, it should not be so stingy when the nation's leader wants a little time to speak, even if the press conference will be available on at least 10 other outlets. Although the press conference will be on Fox News, it will still give the left ammunition that Fox parent Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is against the current administration. (The LA Times)
It wouldn't take much to make people think Murdoch News Corp. would like to sabotage Obama whenever possible. In fact, I know from people hitting my post about the Lie to Me episode that featured the clip of Obama's emblematic slip, subconsciously giving Sen. John McCain the finger while mentioning him in a speech, that some people online already wonder if the Fox network has been using the Lie to Me drama to slap Obama around. Surfers have used search strings like "lie to me show against Obama" or something like that, to get to this blog and read about the "Love Always -- The Finger" episode.

While I wouldn't vouch for Rupert Murdoch News Corp., I don't think writers and producers of Lie to Me are using the show to go after Obama. I think the show is using clips of famous people in general because the clips attract viewers, and we know that both the POTUS and the FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, attract people.

Nevertheless, Wednesday night will be Lie To Me vs. The President of the United States. We've sort of seen this drama before with Obama vs. Pushing Daisies before Obama won the election. Remember that?

Pushing Daisies is an ABC show that has since been canceled, but it was already in trouble before Obama wanted its time slot.

So far, the Obama administration has had no comment on the Fox Network decision. If his communications staff is smart, they'll remain mum and avoid raising right-winger paranoia that Obama wants to own the airwaves, not to mention misinformation about the Fairness Doctrine.


msladydeborah said...

The Faux Network is not one that I watch anyway. I like Lie to Me but it seems that title has extended out into the news programming on the network.

I always think of Faux as being an attention getting media brat. It seems to me that they go out of their way to be annoying as hell. Just so they can get attention.

I just look at this latest tantrum as another attempt to turn our attention towards them. But it is not going to work with me.

Vérité Parlant said...

That it was a media mack move occurred to me as well. How did it become a story? Did Fox news make an announcement? Yup.

(CNN) – Fox Broadcasting Company announced Monday it will not carry President Barack Obama's prime time press conference marking his first 100 days in office, the first time a broadcast network has refused an Obama administration request for that valuable airtime.