Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tracking Gov. Bobby Jindal

How Louisiana Gov. Jindal handles the current health scare, public fear of Swine Flu or whatever name health officials are calling the illness now, may end up as one of his "lessons learned" in his new book. Jindal signed a book deal earlier this month with Regnery Publishing, a politically conservative publishing house. ... Continue reading at New Orleans Literature Examiner.

Louisiana currently has no confirmed cases of H1N1/Swine Flu, and it's clear from comments at the daily paper people are tiring of the overkill on the story.


msladydeborah said...


I find it interesting that people like Jindal and Steele can be supportive of the GOP during this time in their political meltdown.

It appears that the party big dogs are trying to be exclusive instead of inclusive. I don't know how Jindal sees himself-but from where I sit he is the GOP's version of colored man running. But he may find that unless the GOP gets their political house in order and stops trying to come across as the majority party of European descendents-he's going to find the going so rough and so tough out in the union. He may find that the rank and file are not quite as tolerant as he is being lead to believe.

Given the way things went down in NOLA after Katrina, it is not difficult to understand why the GOP swooped office. While he is definitely one of their golden political offsprings-I'm just not impressed with him.

Vérité Parlant said...

Well, I can't argue with you about Bobby since I called him Gunga Din last month, which is the Indian equivalent of Uncle Tom. :-)

msladydeborah said...


No you didn't! That's a good one!
Seriously! HAHAHAHA!