Tuesday, May 26, 2009

12 Meditations for Writers in a Twittiful Age

Yes, I'm baring my personal angst online, but not to the point of overshare, a topic discussed in a recent New York Times blog post, "One Tweet Over The Line." Unlike people who want to share tweets and blogs about their gynecological exam while they're on the table, I'd prefer to talk about writing, politics, race relations, and sometimes family dynamics or how I wish I had a maid.

Lately I've been thrashing myself as the social media revolution thrashes me because I'm feeling a strong pull to reduce my time online and focus on fiction writing. So, consider this list as me talking to me, but if it helps you also, that's good.

12 Meditations for Writers in Social Media's Twittiful Age
By Nordette Adams, African American Books Examiner
  1. I write therefore I am.
  2. Say "no" to tweeting before writing.
  3. Do not use Facebook to not face your book.
  4. Write first, friend later.
  5. There are no good twribes just good scribes.
  6. In the beginning was the word not the tweet.
  7. If Faulkner had Facebook, would we have Faulkner?
  8. Oprah's book club makes money, her tweet club makes noise.
  9. Ashton Kutcher can be King of Twitter. You can be Queen of completed books.
  10. Seen the real Toni Morrison tweeting lately?
  11. Moby Dick's not the one shared on MySpace.
  12. Writer shall not live by 140 characters alone.
Yes, I have a Twitter account, but I'm seeking balance and a return to writing long as in novel.

If the NYT blog post "One Tweet Over the Line" pricked your curiosity, your may read it at this link.


msladydeborah said...


I think that you are at a cross roads as a writer. What to do? It is a question that I believe many writers ask as time goes by. I have read previous journal entires of mind and realized that I was either growing away from certain trends or learning how to adjust to the level that was needed at that particular time.

While I was attending school there was literally no time for me to do any different style of writing except for research or essay style. Afterwards, I found it difficult to do personal writing or poetry. I had to work at regaining that voice.

Writing a novel is not an easy venture. I have been working on mine for about three months. It is definitely a job in itself. I wish that I could take off a year and just work on writing it. But that isn't going to happen at this moment.

I have found that when a writer is having that inner debate outloud in print, there is probably a change occurring. Do you think that is what is happening to you?

Vérité Parlant said...

It's possible, Deborah. The last time I got this frustrated, really mad at myself, I went back to school and finished with honors. LOL.

Do you publish any of your fiction online? I removed mine a few years back and only have one bit of flash fiction up now as an exercise. Got a little worried about people copying and pasting without attribution.