Saturday, May 9, 2009

Black Men's 2010 Calendar. Uh, Not this Mother's Day

These men are too young for me; so, why torture myself by buying this calendar of black men for 2010. I could have asked that my adult children give me one for Mother's Day, but you know how that goes. They would have passed out. My son, 18, would have wanted me committed. I'm a mom, not a chick.

So, I told them to give me the HBO documentary the Black List instead, which is now available at Target.

If I had seen the new Star Trek movie sooner, which made me nostalgic, I would have asked for the first season of the original series on DVD. Guess I'll have to buy that myself.


msladydeborah said...


I don't recall too many brother's looking like this when I was a younger woman. :-)

I usually get a copy of the latest black man's calender from a friend via e-mail. They might be too young but I have no problem looking at a collection of nice looking brothers.

shortstuff49 said...

I just ran across your post through a Google search - I'm the photographer for this calendar and 2011 is coming up soon. Just had to laugh at your comments. You're never to old to enjoy beautiful scenery!!

Harry Leonard
Leonard Imagery