Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Celebs on Twitter: Does that Spell Tweet Death?

I realized about two months ago that Twitter was reaching "the tipping point" when I heard Oprah was coming on board (not a pun on her weight) and shortly after CNN duked it out with Ashton Kutcher to see who'd get to one million followers first.

Celebrities joining Twitter is nothing I'd complain about, but some in the cool tech crowd have been peeved by all the celebrities joining Twitter.

As you watch the video cracking but facking about celebs on Twitter, you'll see the Twitter fail whale appear and also an allusion to "jumping the shark" with Fonzi from Happy Days. The fail whale has its own fan club, btw. As the video ends, you find out on whose side the creators of this video remain, but you may also feel like Twitter is expanding like the Borg on Star Trek.

I didn't join Twitter to be "cool." I started my page reluctantly when I realized I needed to do that to expand my writing platform. Surprisingly, I did not get addicted as some have done. I also joined Linked-In, but forget to visit and returned to my Facebook page, which had been gathering dust for months.

But everybody's talking about Twitter. David Letterman has made anti-twitter jokes part of his regular routine almost, even asking guests how they feel about it, including Beyonce Knowles. She prefers the phone, she said.

On ABC's Desperate House wives Lynette and her husband have discussed Twitter, bemoaning that if they don't know about it maybe they're irrelevant. A character on Brothers and Sisters was also sideswiped by Twitter.

If you think Twitter's gotten too much attention lately, blame Ashton Kutcher.

Perhaps I'll revisit this post and update with links to the validated Twitter pages of celebs such as Erykah Badu, Solange Knowles, Oprah, Kutcher of course, various rappers, and Britney Spears. But until then this old Forbes article has pictures of who was tweeting as of January. Ellen Degeneres and Oprah weren't on yet.


Professor Kim said...

That's pretty funny. But it's all about perspective. Twitter is a tool, not a lifestyle.

Vérité Parlant said...

A tool, yes. I still have to explain to some people that I'm online a lot not just to be social but more because it's part of how I make a living. For some reason they can't comprehend that and think online is all play all the time.

Too many news stories about romance online perhaps?

It's more of a balancing act if you do use the Web for work and creative projects. If I were online only for socialization purposes, it would be easier to tune out virtual reality and go sailing or something.

Thanks for dropping by, Prof. Kim.