Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kris Allen and wife talk life change, Adam Lambert wants to be a movie star

Just an FYI to folks keeping their eyes open for news on American Idol contestants Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Reuters published a story today in which Allen says he wants to be respected in the music industry while Lambert says he wants the all-encompassing clout of old-school movie stars.

Lambert wants to not only do music but also film, he told Reuters. He undoubtedly will get a record deal soon, and hopes he can swing work with Slash and Queen guitarist Brian May. The story says his fans call Lambert Glambert, riffing off his being known as a glam rocker, but Lambert wants a broader scope for his work.

Allen and his wife Katy have been talking how the Idol win will change their lives. The young couple's been married only eight months. I hope Katy's grounded because life is gonna change dramatically for the pair. Read full story here.

In other Idol related news, Idol runner-up from season two, Clay Aiken, seems to be blasting both the show and Lambert, saying that Lambert's performances are contrived and Idol has lost its roots as a show about real people. Supposedly Aiken had a falling out with Idol when he left its management company, 19 Entertainment, run by Simon Fuller. Read that at MSNBC, which is the source of the photo in this post.

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