Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lambert Fans Not Taking Loss Lying Down: American Idol Recount?

I'm behind again, but should have seen this coming. Some people think American Idol was rigged because Adam Lambert didn't win, and cry foul by AT&T and texting parties.

I've questioned that homophobia may have influenced the vote, but I don't think it was rigged, and don't care really because Kris Allen is talented and probably fits the pop idol stereotype better than Lambert, who's more rock idol. I admire Allen's humility and see some longevity for him like a new generation James Taylor, and Adam Lambert's going to do wonderfully no matter what because he's a career strategist, already surrounded by rumors that he may do a collaboration with Queen.

Ultimately, excluding its possible reflection of the tragedy of homophobia in the nation, American Idol is just entertainment, folks. It's far below the challenges of raising a family, global warming, crime, poverty, hunger, heath care, war, and death. However, this is not the first time viewers have screamed the show is rigged.

American Idol fans may want to argue votes, but it seems the two stars, Allen and Lambert, get along just fine. The two have been making their appointed media rounds, smiling all the way to the bank.

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