Saturday, May 2, 2009

Luis Ramirez Beating Death: Not-Guilty Evokes Cheers

Based on the shouts and smiles of the defendants' friends and family following the Luis Ramirez verdict, I'm more convinced that his beating death was the result of a hate crime (ethnic intimidation). CNN reports that people in the courtroom gasped when the jury's not-guilty verdict was read for Ramirez's murder, but a CBS story described cheers and claps.

The prosecution argued that the two white teen defendants, former football stars, provoked Ramirez with racial slurs. The defense argued that Ramirez was the aggressor. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn the all-white jury felt that if you come here illegally, then America's not responsible for what happens to you and that includes your murder.

Take that first heifer coming down the stairs in the CNN video. While she is a friend of the defendants and did not serve on the jury, she may be the face of Shenandoah, Pa., and she looks like she doesn't even realize Ramirez was a human being. The girls following her look like they just left a football game. Where is the at least obligatory "I'm sorry for the death of Mr. Ramirez, but I think justice was served." What was Ramirez to them?

I've got a bad feeling that justice was not served at all in Shenandoah, Pa. However, I'm sensitive to people of color facing injustice and their lives being devalued. Read CNN's full story here.

We had two men acquitted locally last year for beating a black man in St. Tammany Parish. Despite witnesses saying the two white men said in a bar that they were going to go out and beat up the first black or Mexican they saw, the jury found them not guilty of a hate crime.

The victim in that case lived, and also, unlike the Pennsylvania jury which was all-white, the Louisiana jury included one black person. I wonder if the one black juror was afraid to say what he/she really thought in St. Tammany Parish.

Really, what does it take to be convicted of a hate crime in America? Must the perpetrator lynch the victim, burn the body and carve "I hate your kind" into the corpse's charred flesh? I guess the defendants will sleep well tonight, having been tried and found not guilty by a jury of their peers. It's possible they left the courtroom and went straight to an after-party.


msladydeborah said...


I did not view the video. I bypassed it because I have seen some version of it during my lifetime and the feelings that such moments envoke are ones I want to keep subdued.

The mentality of racist is difficult to overcome. No matter what people of color accomplish they always find a way to justify their beliefs. In some areas of the nation they are well supported when they take a life. They take lives and no one ever considers that the person who is the victim is a member of a family also.

Let's keep it real VP, you know and I know that there is a fear of a colored planet running rampant in the minds of too many white people. It is being fueled by those who are angry because their empires are slowly crumbling and there is no way for them to stop it.

The issue of the rights of people who immigrate into the United States has to be resolved. Then they are going to have to start fighting for their rights as Americans. It is going to be ugly.
There will be more bloodshed on both sides before the issue is resolved.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the victim's family. May God have mercy on those who took his life. Also on those who decided it was justified for them to do so. There is a whole lot of truth in the saying, God don't like ugly!

Vérité Parlant said...

Deborah, there's anger in some segments of the black community toward people from Mexico. I was at a meeting where some black people complained about people from Mexico, illegal or not, and the right to vote. They sounded the same as white people, saying "Mexicans are taking our jobs and getting more rights than we are."

Like we've got black people clamoring to be maids and to pick fruit. We know that "God don't like ugly" as you say, and we should remember that too.

Poor people still haven't learned to recognize when they are being played and the only group winning is the old-guard wealthy.

underOvr (aka The U) said...


I was on Rippa's blog earlier and read about this.

There's really nothing to say about this version of justice except "Same ole...same ole...bull shit". This is the kind of justice that's meted by an all-White jury?

How does a magistrate sit through a proceeding like that watch a miscarriage of justice and allow the jury's verdict to stand? Don't tell me a judge can't set aside a verdict.

Reverse the ethnicity of those charged and the victim and see how justice is rendered.

So America is only the land of opportunity for European immigrants who can't speak English?


AB said...

I just wanted to comment on the woman in the video being referred to as "she may be the face of Shenandoah, Pa". I am a lifelong resident of Shenandoah, and I want to clarify that, that woman is not the face of Shenandoah. Like many other people in the area I am disgusted by what those kids did and there is no excuse for it. I cannot believe that they were not convicted of more serious crimes. The county's district attorney proved himself to be inept and will not be getting my vote for re-election.

Vérité Parlant said...

Thank you, AB, for stopping by to speak up for your town. I used to live in New Jersey and have driven the back roads of Pennsylvania, a beautiful state. I'm glad to know the woman in the video is not the only face of Shenandoah.

more cowbell said...

Wow. The reactions of the defendants' supporters are disturbing to say the least.

I went to high school in a town much like Shenandoah. The verdict is sickening, and, like you, I am very skeptical that justice was done.

The first commenter hits the nail on the head about white people being angry/fearful about the "crumbling empires" and fear of becoming the minority.

I remember when this happened, being horrified by some of the online commenters from the Shenandoah area, but I do remember too, others (like AB) who were outraged and not supportive of the murderers.

The verdict was shameful. The video exposes some truth.

Wendi said...

I am the person coming down the stairs very happily :)

There were gasps from EVERYONE, including the media, when the verdicts were read. The cheers happened at the very end when all verdicts had been read, just before the jury was dismissed.
Call me racist all you'd like, I was still right for supporting the Americans who defended themselves.

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

I don't know if the Wendi person who commented is the person in the video or not, but if she is the person she claims to be, then I've got another name for people who want attention this way: "Media Whore."