Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More on Joan and Melissa Rivers and Codependency

This post is not about comedian Joan Rivers winning Celebrity Apprentice, even though it was good to see a 75-year-old get hired, not fired. Neither is it a treatise on whether reality TV is real or not, scripted or improvisational, nor an analysis of whether Joan and her daughter, Melissa Rivers, were acting the night of their foul-mouthed meltdowns. This posts is about spotting unhealthy codependent relationships between parents and their adult children. Do you know the signs and symptoms?

I don't watch Celebrity Apprentice regularly, but I saw it a few times this season, including the night comedian Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa went nuts on the show after Melissa was fired, and I also saw Joan Rivers win, beating poker player Annie Dukes. I like Joan. I'm not always fond of her kind of humor, but the person. And while I suspect much of what viewers saw was spectacular acting from a funny lady and a natural drama queen, I still favored her over Annie Dukes and Dukes' BFF on the show, Playboy pinup Brande Roderick.

Nevertheless, the night Donald Trump fired Melissa Rivers, I ... Please continue reading full post at BlogHer.com

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