Thursday, May 21, 2009

NY Terror Plot or is it The Long Kiss Goodnight again?

If you've seen the movie The Long Kiss Goodnight with Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson, please raise your hand. It's partly about a government agency planning to blow up Niagara Falls, NY, and blame it on a Muslim so it can get more funding from the U.S. government. A couple of other movies also have the blame-a-Muslim plot, I think. And this season's 24 on Fox used that plot device as well.

Some people thought our 911 tragedy was one such deception; I am not one of those conspiracy theorists. I believe we really were bombed by Osama bin Laden Nevertheless, I'm reading carefully the timeline for thwarted terrorist plot incident that went down in New York yesterday, especially since the alleged terrorists appear to be black.

Reuters, CNN, WABC NY, BBC and other news sources are reporting that yesterday four men were arrested for plans to bomb two Jewish synagogues in NYC and possibly go on a shooting spree at U.S. military bases. WABC and Reuters say the men, three U.S. citizens and one Haitian, may be "radicalized recent converts to Islam." The one-year plot has been labeled "home grown," reminding us that the intelligence community believes America's new danger may be so-called "sleeper" Islamic terrorist cells on U.S. soil.

The police told Reuters that the men wanted a jihad, a holy war. CNN's story does not have this element of drama, and its critics are all very willing to point that out, implying it's the legacy of political correctness.
In November the informer and James Cromitie discussed possible targets in New York as they travelled to a meeting of a Muslim group in Philadelphia, the affidavit says. The suspect said that "the best target [the World Trade Centre] was hit already". (BBC and man in picture is Cromitie)
Per news stories via the FBI, Cromitie told the informant that "his parents were of Afghan origin and he was upset about the war there, according to the affidavit."

My issue is that I've read five stories on this thwarted plot that involved an FBI informant supplying the men with "inert" bombs or fake weapons, and I'm missing a piece. What came first, the chicken or the egg--were these guys angry but minding their own business when they were approached by an FBI informant to coax out rage and violent tendencies? Or did the FBI get wind of a plot and insert an informant into the mix.

It makes a difference. Scenario one is entrapment. Scenario two is good law enforcement. But sounds like some coaxing was involved.

And I can't help but wonder, especially since I keep hearing praise for Homeland Security in this story, is Homeland Security in jeopardy of losing funding post-Bush? Is it important that its administrators remind the public of its value, which inevitably means worthiness of tax dollars?

Oh, don't get your knickers in a bunch
! I believe we do need to be on the look out for terrorists, but I'm also sharing an observation that isn't that far-fetched given that we're still in a war that was pushed with propaganda. In addition, the Rumsfield top secret reports that may have been given to George Bush recently came out. It's been suggested that Bible quotes and religious zeal were used to manipulate Bush and nudge him toward war while we citizens ruminated on "the axis of evil" metaphor.

Also, about the black thing, how much will the "home grown" terrorists' skin color play into the paranoia of white pro-war conservatives who were so easily convinced during the election that Obama, the first African-American president, is Muslim? To which we must say for the 11 millionth time, Obama is not Muslim, and neither was his father a practicing Muslim.

The suspects names are James Cromitie aka Abdul Rahman; David Williams aka Daoud or DL; Onta Williams aka Hamza; and Laguerre Payen aka Amin and Almondo.

These guys they've arrested don't seem like the sharpest tools in the shed, and so, again, I think of movies like The Long Kiss Goodnight, and feel a tad skeptical. It's not like we haven't been duped before. I'm just saying.

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