Friday, May 8, 2009

Oprah broke KFC. No free chicken for now. Get a rain check.

In the CNN video later in this post, Oprah says she thought giving away a coupon for free KFC grilled chicken was "just a nice gesture." The Queen of Talk also says she had no idea that people would respond this way to the freebie, and she guesses people are hurting more than she realized (in this recession).

Oprah's coupon was so popular that the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants canceled the coupon a little less than three days after the Oprah announced it on her show. Some of its restaurants ran out of grilled chicken.

I posted on Oprah having the download of a coupon for free KFC grilled chicken on Tuesday (see old post here). Then I posted on the calories in the sides, which could blow your diet if you selected them (biscuit, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy).

This latest turn of events means no free chicken for you! At least, not at the moment. Roger Eaton, president of KFC in the United States, apologized to customers, but he promised y'all can fill out a rain check form and get your chicken at a later date if you were one of the millions who printed out the coupon but didn't get chicken.

The revoked coupon was good through chicken through May 19, with no freebie on Mother's Day. Read revocation story at YAHOO! News, where it's reported the coupon caused "pandemonium" and lines have been around the block at some locations.

On Tuesday night, I suspected KFC would have this problem when I saw "KFC" climbing the trend chart on Twitter and went by the KFC website and saw the servers were having problems.

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Coffee Maker said...

KFC must be trying to compete with the delicious McRib sandwich from McDonald's; it's hard to resist those yummy painted-on grill-lines...